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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

cheers!!  Raise your glass it is Repeal Day! Yes 79 years ago we were given the opportunity to legally purchase and distill and brew spirtis!!!  I find the American prohibition story fascinating and actually inspiring.  The historic and innovative occasion aligns beautifully with what we do at The Works and has played a big part of my life on Newark-Granville Road as I work on Cocktails by The Fire for The Works Development effort!!

It all has really come together with great partners: Robert Abbott, Matesich Distributing, Granville Brewing Co, to name a few who are sponsoring, adding fun components and helping create something special to benefit The Works Glass Studio, the event: Cocktails (special mixed drinks, yummy beers, wine) by the Fire (Glory Hole/Furnace).  Our host committee has really turned into a wonderful group of people.  I'll share the details as we get closer, please save the date: Feb 2, 2013 and stay tuned for more details (like the password to the Speak Easy will be Stella) and a great way to celebrate this special anniversary.  For now our Life on Newark-Granville Road will simply toast the occasion with a Yuengling. And by the way- Yuengling survived prohibition by opening a dairy- they made ice cream across the street until the 1980s! Fun stories like that celebrate ingenuity and entrepreneurship (like our wonderful CBF  sponsor and partner) will be part of the night on Feb 2!

While I'm typing about The Works! I also have to share another special event where we'll raise our glass- Friday night (Dec 7th) Art Exhibit in the Main Gallery- Wib Mock's Woodworking Show and Sale! I had the privilege of being with this wonderful artist as he identified each type of wood in each piece! Over sixty are for sale and each one is a unique piece of art- no two are identical, they are all made with such care.  They will make wonderful gifts and there is a nice variety of bowls, vessels, some intricate plates- so many pieces but you'd never know! The show is an amazing part of the Works' mission- art easily seen, history- each tree lives on in this special way and science- the rings of the tree, the burl, the math required to make it work!! It it is all connected to making something rich and unique. Wib's legacy is something extraordinaire and this show gives us all an opportunity to experience, learn and even bring it home and into our lives.  No doubt I'll type more about this late as it inspires and spends time with me @ Work.  I'm drawn to trees, I've learned a great deal by spending time with Wib over this past year and I'm always appreciative of the lessons the art gallery shares- this show will be no different. 6 to 8 pm- Friday night- I'd love to see you there.  Please don't try to buy the Sassafrass bowl- that one will fit quite nicely under the tree on Newark-Granville Road.

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I will look forward to February and I will be there on Friday. I will so miss Mr. Mock...he is such a genuine inspiration. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart