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Sunday, September 17, 2017

More nights like this......

Joe and I LOVE family nights.  We LOVE family trips and dinners.  We also have always loved our time and our nights out.  So we're considering ourselves lucky to have two nights this weekend that have given us impromptu nights for ourselves.  Friday night was the driving range and dinner on the patio.  Bonus we joined a great couple and enjoyed dinner together.  This afternoon we played 9, then 10 and 18- just the of us....with a bonus....cart!  We went to the store and picked up dinner and cocktail hour supplies. The kids don't have school so they are in long weekend mode, the weekend's weather has put me in a summer feeling (it is the last weekend before Fall officially starts) so we're relaxed and happy and not feeling the usual Sunday night stressers.  Life on Newark-Granville Road tonight, just the two of us with scotch, appetizers and dinner on the stove (or in the instapot!) and we love to say....we thought there would be more nights like this.  

So where are the kids?  Sally- lucky Sally is in Chicago with great new neighbors/friends- making incredible memories.  Peter is with friends and Clare is babysitting.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Book Club 2017-18 A game

Not a game at all- serious stuff! Serious reading for what will be important and good discussion. Proud to host this wonderful group of women in my home to select our books for the year.  Read along with us, join our group. My life on Newark-Granville Road is all the better with Discussing Books at CVL in my life!

Oct- The Age of Innocence
Nov Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opioid Epidemic
Dec-Bad Feminist: Essays
Jan- Beneath a Marbled Sky
Feb-Underground Railroad
Mar- Underground Fugue
April Rent Collector
May- Small Great Things
June- The Hate U Give
July- Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta
Aug- The Girl in Hyacinth Blue

And so many other recommended books shared.  Want the full list and details- send me a message!
Thanks to all that attended, recommended, shared great food and company tonight!!  And those that texted or reached out that could not be with us- we appreciate the effort!  Happy Reading!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Bike Rides- Past and Present

Last night I went for a bike ride.  I loved it not only for the company, exercise and adventure but the nostalgia!  Thoughts and comparisons.....

Bike Ride from Forest Drive....era 1978???
School night, weeknight after dinner that was preceded by cocktail hour.
Banana seat
Exploring the city streets and alleys

Bike Ride from Newark-Granville Road...2017
Thursday night before dinner, killing time until Sally is home from field hockey practice
Bike path to the "tree" included minor hike and exploration with Old Colony Burial Ground

Differences and similarities please me- we were outside, we were together, we were exploring and we were and are happy.   Life on NG Road remembers, finds inspiration and loves to share just that.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fall Sports Fun- Go Big Red and Blue Aces!

Blue hat and a red fleece, I'm sporting my teams colors!  What is happening on Newark-Granville Road- sports!  Sally and Clare are both playing field hockey.  Sally is on the Rec's middle school team (6-7-8th grade) and Clare plays for the high school team, the field is at the Intermediate school. Peter is working on his new sports of golf and tennis, participating in basketball conditioning.  He is a great fan and helps us understand the plays.

Denison sports kicked off last night with the Men's soccer game and tonight we'll cheer on Big Red Football.  What a treat to be under the lights with great parents, students, staff, family and friend and tonight we get more of the same!  I stopped by the Denison golf course to support the women golfers at the Lynn Schweizer Tournament this afternoon!  I look forward to taking in volleyball, field hockey, women's soccer, and maybe even some cross country. We love cross country- sorry to miss today's meet at Bryn Du- fun to have friends stop by and say hey!!   Join me at any of these games, company makes it so much more fun! Big Red details here:

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Find Cake at Tannicakes or join me on the golf course!

Tina Fey's Saturday Night Live "Cake" commentary to Charlottesville, VA marches.  Charlottesville saddened me, angered me.  A bit late but here it is! I love it.  Simple- I love it.  And I want to connect it to this bakery:   Tina says find a bakery owned by someone you want to support, someone that may not feel supported by current leadership.  That is only one reason to support TanniCakes.  Her products are delicious and beautiful.  She is a working mother who is working hard with a smile and honest perspective.  Enjoy!!  Parking is a challenge but she has a plan- lets help her execute the plan.  And I'm taking Tina's advice.

Political responses on my blog have been limited as I have not made deliberate writing a priority.  Note I didn't say I didn't have time.  I could take the time- but instead I've been focused on my amazing work at Denison- knowing that work makes a difference in our world, this world and our future world.  I embrace family time around a table or on the side lines or ??In my life on Newark-Granville Road  I may not eat cake often, but I do swing a golf club- the driving range is a wonderful place for me to process what is happening close to home and at the national level. Please take this for what it is- my way of sharing something that spoke to me and inspired me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back to School Fun, Mystery and Funny!

Clare has asked Sally for weeks to make chocolate chip cookies on the day before school.  Clare wanted cookies to pack in her lunch.  We made sure we had the supplies, including a carton of butter.
Yesterday my big kids were on their own the day before school started. They had their plans, a credit card, and supply lists.  I had to work late but at 8 pm gathered with them to hear accounts of the day. I asked about cookies and no one seemed to say anything. Joe said- it smelled like cookies when I came home.  Listening to three reflections of the day, or better said, listening to Sally, while asking Clare and Peter (yelling up and down stairs to join me in the kitchen- it was an active house with lots to take in- not to mention enjoying a yummy salad and left over pasta!  I don't recall hearing much about the cookies Ask Joe about this and he'll say when I came home I said I smellncookies, asked who made them and the kids were quick to say- NO, NO COOKIES here.

Recognizing no cookies to fulfill Clare's request, wanting to do something for my kids from me, cooking is one of my love languages, I started to queue up the cookie supplies.  I noticed two sticks of butter gone- someone had made cookies.  My guess was:
a. they made them and ate them all, and then Clare said...Peter and I thought:
b. Peter ate all the batter.

Clare came clean- smiling- Peter made batter and tried to bake cookies and it was a huge mess, something went wrong.  It was brown and flat. We called Peter and Sally down and they all opened up about the tale declaring- but we cleaned up so you never knew!?!!  Life on Newark-Granville Road ah-ha- they are learning!  We laughed and chocked it up to fun times!  Hopefully they're also learning- we'll always figure it out. Party here? We cleaned up....

Later in the evening I dove into the task.  Wanting to get to bed but wanting the kids to have their cookies for lunches I made quick work with the mixer. As I started to measure (loose term with me) the shades of white caught my eye and I ended up tasting the flour.  Not flour at all- powdered sugar! A bag of confectioners sugar had been in the cabinet, someone had added it accidentally to the flour container.  So I put the butter/sugar mix in the fridge and went to bed - recreating my morning plan to pick up flour and bake.   When I went upstairs Joe was up and laughed at my discovery, asking...did I do that when I made waffles Saturday?

First day of school morning- when I woke up Clare and shared the news of the cookies- she went- THAT MAKES SENSE!  And giggled.  Sally nodded a sleepy nod and Peter said- I'm getting up.  Off I went to get the donuts and store supplies.  During our active morning that included Joe cooking corn beef hash, making lunches, I squeezed in cookies listening to the rest of the story be revealed.  Peter came down and clarified the story, again asking for affirmation of his good clean-up work. Joe recognized he had made the error with the sugar- joking he had sabotaged the cookie plan.  Fun and funny times in our lives on Newark-Granville Road!

Happy Back to school day...another funny may have been me waving my three goodbye, chasing the car with kisses as Clare drove all three to the Middle/High School for the first day of school- exciting new year that will be pray will be filled with more errors, mix-ups, successes, re-dos, lessons, laughs and love. Thanks to all who made yesterday a great day before school day and will be with them at school.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Friday- I'm in love

 The 1992 song- Friday I'm in love- by The Cure is a classic. Not a college classic, I graduated in 1990.   It is a Joe classic.  Music of my early 20s is a blur- Friday I'm in Love goes to Joe.  When we were dating he made me this fantastic mixed tape for one of my drives. We had a long distance relationship.  He was quick to tell me the music was just that- music, no hidden meanings.  But I was in love or pre-love or prepping to fall in love.  I was happy with my work and my life and the icing was this great man to share time with on the weekends. I'm pretty sure I opened that tape on a Friday and I smiled when I heard it.  There were lots of other great songs and I still have the tape but I will tell you on a Friday when things are good- it is the first thing that comes to mind.

And yes this Friday, Friday August 18th I was in love.  In love with my life, my job, my husband, my kids.  Work was particularly good as we're in the happy place of welcoming the Class of 2021 to campus.  This is the warm up, the lead-up, things are full swing next week.  I valued the time to sit and talk with amazing parents. Parents that want to help, share their perspective, two in particular that understand my role and want to partner.  Days like this are amazing.  I enjoyed the engagement and partnership with incredible colleagues and bonus- I saw friends, Denison classmates this week.  What a treat to share a bit of their Denison 1st year student fun.  Friday night fun was dinner with kids, Peter and his friends talking about a book. Summer reading review to help the boys prepare for school start-up...okay- maybe that is an ingredient of my happy place?  Just a few more days and we're back in routine and secure care for my beloved three.  After dinner Joe and I snuggled up to a TV show I've wanted to watch for ages.....HBO's Big Little Lies.  I listened to the book and have been craving the comparison, visual escape.  It took some effort by Joe but he persevered and it was TV night for the two of us.

Friday I'm in Love on Newark-Granville Road....reality is I'm in love with my life five days a week.  There are ups and downs each day, but yesterday was just one of those lovely days at the end of a really nice week, cue up to a great weekend.  Summer love, just had to share.