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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Help Granville Schools- May 23rd 5 pm Meeting- Attend!

We voted yes, but the community voted no.  The schools need to be funded- please attend this meeting to learn how to help the schools achieve the funding they need to support our students, community and future.  Schools funding is different than basic business. I was not in favor of the new tax until I found out more, I do not like taxes but value and respect our school board leaders and school administrators. Those that voted no, please come be part of the solution.  I look forward to discussing this further!  Details about the meeting:

The Board of Education will host a Community Funding Forum to discuss the future funding of Granville Schools on Wednesday, May 23 at 5 p.m. in the District Office. The Board is encouraging residents to attend this critical conversation. The regular Board meeting will follow at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May Data

Do you ever contemplate what you would do if you had more time?  Or maybe better presented....some day I will.....I think it is human nature.  Today's thought- I'd like to look at this blog's data.  Sure Blogger gives me a map showing where people are when they access the blog!  I wonder if India will go away when Andrew and Kay leave?

I realize I have not blogged, nothing beyond Derby.   The simple answer to why not? It is May. I love that I was able to take a break from May and go on vacation. A real vacation- I rested, didn't read email and enjoyed being in a beautiful place with beautiful people.  Turning 50 gave dear Denison sorority sisters and I the inspiration to rally and we did 10 years ago..when we turned 40!    Last week I traveled for work and Susan and just left May in Granville behind. And now I'm back....

Last year I only posted once in May and then again mid June....and in 2016 it was pretty sparse- an interesting pattern...I'd like to know more and and wanting to know more shoots off more questions.  But not this May morning- there are many emails to find- I hope I'm not missing any, evites, grad parties, WORK, committee work, wrap-ups....and transition much as I'm not ready for summer and the kids I am ready for their bickering in the morning to come to an end. It is May and I won't wish away the special moments like last night's Choir Concert (WOW the talent!! SOMEONE PLEASE invite me next year..Peter is moving to Drama) but I'm looking forward to CAMP deliveries....and then there were two and then one...and then...just Joe and Susan!

Back to May- May brings wild weather- it use to be June...that storm- crazy. Thank you Mother nature for sparing our trees this time. We've lost many and years ago had a tree through the green house. I am thinking of those with big damage and those with some- it is all an inconvenience and effort- take care.  Amanda and Brian- drive through our yard as often and needed!  May brings commencement/graduations- exciting times for special people and we're excited to share!  Our nephew Will- direct contact- Godson who has grown up before our pleased to share a bit of his day and share the day with his parents and family.

I need to run- its is May.. And my musings are just that May thoughts in my life on Newark-Granville Road.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Derby Wrap

Details coming too....I'm traveling this week- give me time!!  THANK YOU to all that joined us and extra thank you to the helpers- COMMON THREAD, Emily George, Nic Havill, Kim Holt, THANK YOU to all the fab food, gifts, wine - wow- you all make us feel great!

Left behind dishes are in the sun room/greenhouse- stop by to pick up- thanks!! Lovely items.  Thanks for sharing.

Warmly- Susan, Joe, Clare, Peter and Sally.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Beyond Derby Prep, other Leithauser happenings April 2018.

Beyond Derby prep what else is happening in our lives on NG Road.
-Sports, sports, sports- lacrosse for the girls and tennis for Peter.  Go BIG RED- Denison teams, tourney time and we try not to miss!  Women's Lax 5:30 Wed!!
-We said farewell to Griffey. It was a hard decision but the right one. His aggression had elevated and he would not let neighbors and friends, much less a worker in the house. I could type for hours on this. If we seem a little blue this may be why.
-It was performing arts weekend- shout out to the Annie cast and crew at GHS-well done and the Denison Singer's Workshop- ahhhhh- amazing.  I needed the happy escape, thank you!
-Barbara is back- fabulous helper has returned from her work in Egypt- look for her at Derby and ask- wow!  hmm is this our next International trip?  It is on my bucket list.
-Down a car- boy are we missing the car Clare drives- Gretel! A deer hit Clare and the damage needed to be repaired.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Why Granville Schools are getting our votes on May 8th and learn more!

1st and foremost if you live in Ohio I hope you will plan to vote on Tuesday, May 8th.  Not in town, like me?  Go vote early in person- details on your ballot and times are here:

School tax-Learn more here:  and learn even more by attending a session that explains the details, the rational and what will happen if the ballot item does not pass.  We are hosting an information in our home on Friday, April 27th at 5:30 pm, please place your vote after spending time understanding the issue.  Joe did this on Tuesday and is now voting yes.  I am voting yes because I did the math. I looked at our tax detail, I reflected on what we pay and I recognize the incredible value of the education our children receive.  I recognize our children- Granville's children need schools that are safe and updated. Our teachers and staff need to be funded and supported.  Our elected officials have created a plan and I support their direction and effort.  Another option to learn more-Thursday, April 26th- Bryn Du- a public forum- please cast your vote understanding the needs.

There is a lot of conversation on Facebook about this levy.  There is a fair amount of confusion about how are schools are funded, what plans there are for future dollars and how taxes will and will not be applied. What levies end, when...please learn more, ask questions and do your own research, be an informed voter.  Friday, April 27th at 5:30 pm- let me know you are attending please!!

Life on Newark-Granville Road with three kids, three different kids all supported by wonderful teachers and staff and we're grateful.  Is it perfect? no, is it an amazing value? YES! And we want this to continue and we're grateful to our school board members and the volunteers working to make the funding work.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Derby 2018 - Join Us!

Updated: 5/6/18- Derby 18 is a wrap!

THANK YOU ALL- what  lovely group of friends!! We had so much fun with you- thank you!!
Common Thread- amazing music, really set the tone!! Nic Havill- WOW thanks for sharing your talent. Food- YUM - you all did well.  Emily George our bartender is incredible. Friends that helped I love ya and am so grateful! Pictures coming soon.  Dishes can be picked up in the sunroom- door is open.  Some lovely things- bonus points for presentations!!

(You know the The time has arrived for....)
The Leithauser 2018 Kentucky Derby Party  
(when...the hat is on the door!)
Celebrating the 144thRun for the Roses and

Joe and Susan’s 50thbirthdays!

Once Invited, Always Invited!

Date:  The First Saturday in May: 5/5/2018
Time:  Party starts at 4:30 pm, race post time is 6:34 pm EST, party ends around dark….
Common Thread - live local great music- starts at 4:30 pm!
Where:  Under the white tents, 1142 Newark-Granville Road, Granville, OH 43023
Hosts:   Joe, Susan, Clare, Peter and Sally
·      Friends and family of all ages welcome, we encourage you to bring those new to the community!
·      We will toast the day with Mint Juleps, Granville Brewing Beer on tap and soft drinks. Kentucky inspired fare and birthday cupcakes, a bit sized appetizer or dessert has become tradition, but not required.
·      Common Thread (fabulous Granville musicians) will perform before the race- 4:30 pm. We’ll have a stage, consider it an open mic night as well!
·      Hats are encouraged, gifts are not- we host this to thank you, connect with you!
·      Parking always a challenge, consider carpool, walking, drop off.

ALSO don't forget the singles- $2 per bet- we keep it simple- fill out a ticket with your name and horse's name. winners split the pot-paramutual!!  Often our party pay-outs are better than real odds!

Helpful to know if you can attend, no formal guest list kept, but we do try to estimate the number!     614 507 0751
We'll keep updated posted here- check back!  
Behind the scenes scoop- thank you Lee Otter for the suggestion of making it a birthday celebration too!  Joe enjoyed turning the big 50 in February and has enjoyed some guy trips. Susan will hit the special day in July and has some things planned but this felt right. Next year- Clare's High School Graduation is the theme!

Also happening on May 5th- Granville Farmers Market Opening!
Great Granville Yard Sale:

How many times were you invited?  We send out emails, holiday greetings, send to group chats- sports teams, committees and groups.....and soon I'll even text?!! It amazes me the way we communicate in today's world- but nothing beats the in person this party can provide. Hope to see you...and yes, find us at the party!!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Joe's Life on NG Road- his words for opening devotion...

Baseball’s Bible

For those of you who don’t follow sports, last Thursday was the Opening Day of the Major League baseball season.  This is a favorite time for me personally not just because I am a fan of the game, it signals that it is time to shake off the bleakness of winter and replace it with the green grass and warmer days of spring.  It is a time of re-birth and optimism.

You know God is a baseball fan as well from the first verse in the bible – In the Big Inning, God created the heavens and the earth.  And of course the commandment, thou shalt not steal.

Baseball and the faith have been companions over the years, most teams have a chapel in their clubhouse, which is unusual in the workplace.  Many players lean on their faith for the encouragement that is essential in a profession whose best performers fail 70% of the time. 

Many players sign their autographs with bible verses and there are usually two major themes in the verses they select – 1). verses that remind them to live into their potential while serving God and 2).  verses that help them stay humble, not an easy task for millionaire superstars.  I thought I would share some of my favorite verses.

Philippians 4:13. “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”  For a group of athletes whose livelihoods depend on self-motivation, and continual production you can image why this is a particularly popular verse with baseball players.

Another verse that gets signed often on baseballs is Romans 8:28. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

I think the popularity of this verse is due to the nature of the job of playing baseball.  It takes significant natural ability to either throw or hit a 95 m.p.h fastball.   I think this verse reassures and reminds the players who sign it that there is a purpose in the abilities they have been given by God.

Another popular verse is Mark 8:36. “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”  As I mentioned earlier, baseball clubhouses are no strangers to religion, yet there are few places in the world where it would be more challenging to live in a Biblical way, right? The money, the baseball hangers on, the relentless feeding of one’s ego make it particularly difficult.

The baseball bible is a simple bible, it’s about coming to grips with a God given ability that has provided an enviable lifestyle playing a kid’s game, while aspiring to remain humble in the eyes of the Lord.  The next time you watch a game think about how God is working through the players on the field to bring joy and happiness to the those of us who follow the game, also consider the challenges they struggle with each day.