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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Philanthropy Fun: Make Plans, Stay on the list!

In the mail on Saturday we received two awesome invitations!  Both are for special events that should not be missed, so I added them to the "Join Us" section of the Blog.  I know there are other things going on that weekend, including Denison Work but I cannot help but spread the word and encourage LONGR to attend!  And of course I'll share the why....

1st- A Sympohny of Flavor on Saturday, June 17, 2017  Learn more about this worthy, important cause here:  pay special note to the youth orchestra opportunities! I am always sad when we cannot attend this event- the menu is so impressive: creative, delicious, innovative and well executed.  I know some of the work that goes into this event and I'm grateful to those involved.  I'm making plans for a great night out with Joe and friends.

2nd- Granville Garden Day Preview Reception- woo hoo! On Saturday, June 17th the Town and Country Garden Tour will take place.  Make plans now to attend, I loved my ramble into the back yards last year.  A fun bonus is the "It's All Greek to Me" Granville Garden Day Preview Reception on Friday, June 16th.  Details about what and why can be found here: "programs and events".   The Jill Griesse Historic Garden at the Robbins Hunter Museum is very special and deserves our philanthropic dollars.

My father always said- if you want to keep receiving an invitation to a fundraiser- give them something.  If you enjoy your college magazine or organizations mail- give them something- stay on the list!  This was an early lesson in philanthropy that has stayed with me.  I won't go deep with this lesson today- but simply say- I'm glad and proud to be on these organizations' lists and grateful for all they do.

Life on Newark-Granville Road the blog started as a replacement for emails I would send sharing FYIs about events and happenings around the community.  Tonight's blog is a return to my purpose, thanks for reading.

NG Road in Pictures- Derby returns, peonies- and WHY!

Quick blog update in pictures with the why....

Derby Party left behinds.  Only a few this year!!  Recognize these- notice the pot-holder as well.  The serving pieces on the pot-holder.  I can drop these off or put them in our green house and you can pick up on your own.  Thanks for bringing a yummy dish to share.
 I love peonies- love! A pet peeve is seeing the on the ground.  Our pink bush on NG Road has me clipping for vases when ever they are close to the ground.  If I could when driving in town, I'd stop and snip- it bothers me when these gorgeous blooms are on the ground.  Today I had to pluck this vibrant, deep pink one.  Life on NG Road today was about finding vases- I'm partial to the pink Works vase and the Green pitcher- that pink and green combo makes me smile.  Thanks for sharing they why!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Blooming for Derby!

Life on NG Road is prettier when our greenhouse is in bloom.  Barbara our wonderful helper in so many ways assists with the watering and keeping things alive all winter.  A favorite place to relax for me is the greenhouse.  The earthy aromas relax and calm me.  Growing and maintaining the plant life provides a sense of accomplishment.  Derby decorating is all the more fun and practical when we pull out last summer's annuals made into perennials to add color and decor to the steps, stoops and paths.

This year the Christmas Amaryllis bloomed for Derby- adding a lovely touch.  The bulb had been left alone in the green house and sure enough a shoot emerged- making me quite happy. As the bloom showed itself we were pleased to welcome the Go Big Red color to wrap up the school year.

And one more off schedule bloom happened- the Christmas Catcus should really be the Derby Girl.  Happy dessert dweller shared three blooms to bring color to our living room evergreen.

Life on NG Road in bloom is a good thing, thanks for reading and sharing on the blog!



Mischief and mystery on NG Road......a theory!!

Sally put together a lovely Fairy Garden this year.  Sweet miniatures were procured by her Mama, but she took the initiative, designed and executed on her own.  We both loved the result.  Colorful, sweet, simple and fun with opportunity for more.  A favorite action was Sally's remembering to include a glass mushroom from a Works FG Workshop years ago.

On the way to work and school one morning we exited the house to find turmoil in the garden!  Table and chairs unturned, the mushroom launched from the container, signage, moss, shells bordering the path all in disarray. The sweet fairy herself- gone!

What had happened? Was it party night with the fairies?  Hmmm June 20th's summer solstice is still quite a ways a way?  More likely animals- but which ones?  Squirrels, Chipmunks, Raccoons?  Looking for bulbs planted?  Maybe birds taking things for the nest. The clue is the mushroom- it is what shows up outside of the container.  Do the squirrels think it is a nut, the chipmunks a bulb or the birds a decorative item and it is just too heavy?

My theory- it is the raccoons and it is the raccoons that took Martha too!  I can see it now.  Crazy vermin- they wanted to visit their kin at Dillon and found a way to drive the car.  Can't you see them- some pushing the pedals, others steering- the crazy chatter all the way.  Those sweet faces- if you know anything about raccoon behavior,  you know they are nasty.  No doubt about it, they took Martha and they've kidnapped our sweet fairy.

Update- Jenny Etz posted a great video on my FB post for this could be the mice!  In the winter I've seen a mouse pop out of its house/ hole in our kitchen floor.  It has made its way to the dog bowl, taken kibble and gone back to the hole/house. And then it repeats.  It doesn't care that I'm there.  And worse- Griffey the dog hasn't cared that the mouse was there.  (Yes we've then taken care of such activity with traps and sealed the hole.  We do live partially in the country- cows not far.) Hmmmm maybe the mice want the fairies out and want that sheik real estate for do you think?

Life on Newark-Granville Road- never a dull moment.  And do know we keep cleaning up after those silly bandits. We'll be ready for the celebration of Midsummer's Night and hope to welcome our sweet fairy home then.   Before and after pictures below.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

It's May! Say no more....but lets celebrate the foundations!

May is beautiful and full on Newark-Granville Road and so many of you are sharing in the whirlwind.....graduations- Denison's is today and the month will end with Granville's.  How fortunate we are to share these special milestones with so many friends.  It is also Mother's Day, honor ceremonies, concerts. The papers to sign and review, invitations to RSVP not to mention just tracking the calendar- it is a beautiful whirlwind.

I admit my energy is lower due to the ankle, but my spirits are good.  The current of joy, pride and pure happiness carry and connect.  I'm adding travel back into my work world and I'm so pleased to do so.  My PT is slowly helping me progress- not as fast as I'd like or the general population understands.  Three months with no mobility takes time to recreate.  And my practical flat shoes are just so attractive- but they are comfortable- my allbirds in particular!  More on that later.

It is May and I resolve to be a bit behind. Derby returns/ lost and found to post- coming soon.  Those RSVP and planning for your kind invites- I look forward to it.  Today is Saturday May 13th and I'm all about Denison.  Dressed in Red, ready to share the special  last night was awesome! An inaugural event- the Senior Soiree was launched by the Co-Govs, well done Olivia and Will- well done!  The opportunity to connect at celebratory events- memories that will stay with me.

It is Mother's Day weekend- my mom and mother-in-law are amazing- I'm so blessed.  It is also my parents Anniversary as well- here is to their 52 years of marriage!! And when Joe and I did the math to get that number- we used our collage grad number (because my parents celebrated their 25th that year) it was 27 years ago. 27 years ago we graduated from Denison.  Another day....but today is filled with gratitude for incredible foundations on NG Road.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Derby 2017, Dear Mom and Dad....

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm sorry you were unable to attend our Run for the Roses party this year.  I know you were looking forward to being with us and we were so looking forward to seeing you.  Daddy- it has been too long and it would of been good to give you a hug.  You are correct, you would not have seen much of us as the party pulls us in many directions.  You were missed by many as you've made friends in Granville and our friends enjoy your company.

Joe and I really believed Derby 2017 would be smaller, more interment.  The weather forecast wasn't good so we assumed people would self select.  We also had a large number of regrets this year.  With you all making the trip that was just fine.  It was an interesting year with the weather- sunshine in the morning, nothing on the radar but rain came and the temps were cool.  None of this kept a great group of people from attending- the energy and buzz was as good as you've all seen. No not as big as those year when the kids were young, but full in a nice way.

Of course the texts and messages about attending also came and thrilled us. New friends we've made this year had questions and it was fun to answer and provide guidelines.  Friends that have been busy and not attended in years returned.  You would of enjoyed seeing all the generations represented! A highlight for me was seeing multiple children take off for the hobby horse and sandbox area.  Children dressed for the event another delight!  And we wrapped up the night with long time Granville friends' son- selecting our party for his weekend activity.  He always picked the right horse and went home with winnings- this year was no different.

Our music was simple this year- Denison's Ladies Night Out sang and made us all smile- accapella group.  A friend sang My Old Kentucky Home to get us in the mood and add to the festivity.  Back ground music and colorful table coverings were delivered and set up by the Wilsons! The cool temps and damp chill air made the party wrap up earlier than past years- but a good time was had by the fun crowd.

The gambling table was handled well by dear young friends home from college.  They arrived early to cross off to-dos and made sure everyone knew the process for gambling- taking to the microphone under the tent!  The recent Denison helper made his way and rounded out the team.  21 winners took home a better payout than Churchill Downs!  Thanks for setting us up with a fun process Daddy, all those years ago.

Thanks for the inspiration that led to my first Derby party in Omaha with Ellen.  Watching you all host Preakness Parties.  Joe and I do this in partnership and have it down. Our traditional breakfast is a treat and we ran errands together enjoying the break from work and together time.  I did get a bit off schedule due to my slower gait, afternoon PT and just not quite the energy I've had in the past.  Saturday's prep was a bit bumpy due to the queue of projects but a friend came to the rescue  doing the job I usually do 1st thing and by noon was still a to-do.  The Denison student helpers have been coming for years, know the drill so that at 4 pm we were super ready.  Hiring our fantastic bartenders is the best thing we've ever done.  Emily makes a fantastic julep- people had a 2nd this year.  Your good bourbon delivery helped. Her prep and presentation are impressive too.  It was a bourbon afternoon.  Our Granville Brewing amber was on tap and very popular.  We're lucky to have assembled quite the team to help us make it happen.

The party is only fun if good people attend and what a great group we had!  They pulled out their hats and derby and India ware. They baked pies, procured themed cookies and sweets and executed some divine savories including deviled eggs, salmon, Mexican dips and Kentucky staples with signature flair- we ate well!  We caught up with Cardinal friends and Denison friends, long time Granville friends and Nadine and Caroline!  You were not the only ones missing- each regret made me sad as I love this party and love to share it.  However I know how busy life is and how hard it is to do it all.  I relate now to when you're not feeling 100 percent.  This is largely a stand-up party- it would of been hard on Daddy.  Those that don't like to be in crowded gatherings our party may not be a fit.  So for all those that did join us this first Saturday in May- I must say thank you.

Mom, you would of loved the basement full of teens and their use of our party as home base.  Peter and friends walked and returned- I remember friends kids doing this- how are my kids that old! Clare was the shuttle driver and a big help.  Joe and I reflected on the night and we both caught sight of the basketball game that went on as the sun was going down- great kids, boys and girls all playing together.  The cigar table was good for Joe- friend time is important.  My girlfriends delighted me and I squeezed into watch the race with Barbara on the Griffey chair.

Clean up went well.  Emily gets us in such a good place before she leaves.  Trash is minimal and the kids did help.  The warm sun dried up the damp items and the Kiwanis had the tent down by 2 pm.  What a wonderful service they provide for our community.  The house has some to-dos, things to put away. We leave the race decor up through the triple crown season.  We managed to get back to our regular life today- lacrosse, grocery shopping, homework and family dinner. I did get a nap and putting my ankle up felt good.  The kids made it to church, we took the morning to organize and eat!

We missed you. I'll find a way to see you soon. We'll have fun thinking about the Preakness and the Belmont to see what "Always Dreaming" can do.  The India theme was a creative outlet and good way to revisit that fantastic trip in October. The first Saturday in May on Newark-Granville Road was a good one for 2017.

Love to you both, warmly- Susan

PS- folks know the drill- most people bring items on throw away platters and is practical.  Only a few plates to be picked up, left behind.  If I don't hear from folks looking to pick-up I'll put them on the sun porch and spread the word that the door is open and they can pop by to retrieve!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Back in the saddle again, Broken Ankle Diaries approaching final chapter!

Fun thing to say the week of our Derby party! And fun to finally be saying it...the saddle is the bike saddle!  The boot is off and I'm back in the gym building strength.  I'm walking very slowly as my Achilles tendon is very very tight.  I've known this for two weeks and been working it at my weekly PT.  It is time to turn up the effort now that the boot is off.  I wasn't moving those muscles much for 3 months I have to be patient and know it will take time.  Anxious to get back on the yoga mat- that played a big part in my development when I broke the fibula on my left foot.  I actually went back and reread my blog post giving summary of that broken bone- very helpful.  Life on Newark-Granville Road when sharing helps my own recovery- yay!

And as I type I listen to the chainsaw removing the tree from the neighbors- on the north corner of NG Road and Bryn Du Drive.  Sniff sniff- hate to see old trees go down. This beautiful road's canopy will be different.  The good news it appears no one hurt and possibly no wires down. Certainly an inconvenience for drivers as NG Road is closed at that intersection.  Always something happening.
I was notified about this event thanks to texts from friends. I was at Denison ready to wrap up the work-out, first in 3 months- felt soooo good.  I left the building, ready to be done, needing to be done, needing to pace myself, and called Joe.  He gave me the coaching to go around the backed up cars and I did.  Now happy to be home enjoying life on NG Road and counting the blessings that are all around.  Thanks for reading.