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Monday, February 12, 2018

Perfect Station for Granville or From Granville

Quick post today- don't forget to tune into WDUB-  Lucky for me Joe drove my car and when I turned it on today- the doobie was playing. And it was just the music I wanted to hear and interesting music Joe and I were just discussing- The Replacements. When I left work a whole different sound- one that Clare loads for pump up music- that made me smile.  Granville, Oh- 91.1 share the music from my life on Newark-Granville Road!

Denison alumni, parents- those far away- you too can tune in- follow the link and click- listen!  I'm doing that right now as I type this post.  Check out the schedule- I'm happy to see one of our era's legacies hosting the airwaves!!   This reminds me I need to tune into a friend's show at another great small liberal arts school!

And if you want to see the music, or where the music is played-visit Slayter Union, 1st floor- the WDUB studio is there and you can see where the magic happens/ or behind the curtin and get a meal or coffee!

Life on Newark-Granville Road- better with music.  Best when music and Denison are united.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Facebook Lesson- JIT

JIT (just in time) methodology, inventory control, manufacturing was king when I worked in the automotive manufacturing and distribution industry for ten years.  It made sense then for the work and is something I've carried to my life beyond work.  I'm not a Sam's Club/ Costco shopper- for the most part due to space.  I didn't have a pantry until two years ago.  The logic for those that don't know- the product might be less expensive in bulk, but storing it has a cost that may not make the original product cost worthwhile.  For things that expire, if you buy too much, it might go bad before use and creating waste costs.  Buy what you need for when you need it.  Like all things you need to strike a balance- some things work to have a in the future supply- like funds- or TP.  So what is the point of the blog and JIT today you may ask....

Leason about Facebook.  Last night I changed my profile pic and background header pictures- I should of waited. In my life on Newark-Granville Road Love is in the air.  This month has happy love filled events- my sister's birthday, actual Valentines Day!  Joe's birthday is the end of the month and our wedding anniversary is Feb 20th.  So last night I changed the pictures and pulled pictures that showcase these events.  I've confused the Facebook friend world- they all wished Joe happy birthday.  The picture I selected was from a past birthday dinner, it shows him with a well lit cake.  I like this pic as it represents our life on NG Road- family time around the table, celebrating birthdays together- it repped the month. I didn't realize I was suppose to do JIT Facetime.  I thought that was snapchat....which I just can't do.    Now if I could JIT my closet and clothes.....

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Pick up a Book AND Look out the Window

Pick up a Book and Look out Window.
I have had great opportunity to read while traveling west this week. My take away from one book, liturgy of the ordinary by Harrison Warren was to look out the window.  It can be perceived as boring and mundane. We’re reading the book in Sunday School and I am loving it. I love the lessons the author delivers by finding sacred practices in everyday life (subtitle of book).  My reward for putting down the game/book/to-do-  amazing landscapes.  Dramatic colors and formations I don’t get to see every day.
Keeping in this vain while driving south in the Bay area, I took the scenic route and my reward- a delight for all senses- the smell of cedar, the contrast of cool forest and warm beach, crashing waves and tranquil sunlight absorbing sand. Jagged rocks, drop offs, steep hills to climb and flat fields field with produce, beach blending to the horizon.
While taxing on the runway on Wednesday, I looked left for a delightful show- a ground crew using his moves while directing the plane. I just had to capture it on video to share.  I picked up a book yesterday- Together is Better- A Little Book of Inspiration by Simon Sinek.  It may be small but it packed full of great advice!  
Both “Better” and “Liturgy” address passion- a quote I’m quite taken with is by Sinek is “working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress.  Working hard for something we love is called passion.”  The book goes into detail about team work, relationships, leadership, purpose- all things that are what makes Denison Denison and my love of working there. It also ties to my life and how I spend my time.  “Life is beautiful not because of the things we see or things we do. Life is beautiful because of the people we meet” says Sinek.  I’ll go further- the people we share our passion with is what makes life the most rewarding.  Speaking of passion another point that delights me: “find a passion instead of have a passion”.  He urges adventure, experience, quest, search, GO.  Passions don’t appear, they are discovered!  My adventures with Denison, this trip continues to uncover and explain why I value the people I’ve met through Denison.

It is hard to leave my family and Granville AND it is the highlight of my job.  The delight isn’t that I get to go to great cities like San Francisco and Salt Lake City.  It is that I get to engage, meet and be in relationship with people that not only care about Denison but act and inspire. They also share their communities with me.  I am touched by the parents and families committed to Denison through philanthropy and willingness to welcome me. I also can cross paths again (figure eights!) with friendships from long ago (30-year reunion is in site) and people I don’t see often in my life on NG Road. The values these Denisonians and friends execute in today’s world are what connected us at the beginning and why we can just pick up with delight.
As I travel I get to look out the window for inspiration, time to think and process and just be.  I also get a break from the electronic world we live in.  I watched a utube video by Simon Sinek on Tuesday about millennials. It was respectful and positive, but gave criticism on how we’re living our lives. We’re attached to the dopamine rush provided by aps at our finger tips.  We have work to do individually and with our children.  The video is affirmation of the need to look out the window.
We always hear- you can’t do it all.  I often modify this by saying- I can’t do it all at the same time.  This allows me to look to the future and not give up on plans. This week I also say you can’t do it the way you want or think you should.  I can’t tour the country right now- but I can embrace flight time and look down to see the beauty of the earth.  Last year I had a changeover in Vegas. I’ve never been, not sure how high on the priority is for me to go- but I have wanted to see the Hoover Dam.  Lucky me- by flying in and out of Vegas- I could see it the dam from the air.  Better than nothing and a cool perspective.  Better yet I had just finished the book that described the building of a dam. I loved the historic book and a look to the past about people and hard work.  The construction of the Hoover Dam was perilous, all those that took the risks to make it happen, to earn a living. Taking in the view from that flight was even more rewarding coupled with the reading.
I’ll wrap up this blog post as I need to look out the window again and finish the “liturgy” book.  Life on Newark-Granville Road is indeed beautiful for many reasons and at the top of the list is the people.  The people I share my life with and the passions I have for family, friends, education, community and the arts.  I admire and am grateful for other’s passions and engagement, what they read and see and am grateful when we get to share, reflect, a

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Granville Opportunity to Be Involved

A December post talked about my need to be involved with community direction.  A highlight of 2018 start-up was  next steps to do so.  I enjoyed coffee with a village council member. It was nice and good to sit down and say- thank you.  These leaders are important to Granville's past, present and future. He gave me a great deal to think about and appreciated  I this official's perspective.

Coffee time provided great insight into Granville's development with attention to the east side, the side directly connected to Newark-Granville Road.  I will state right now I'm not opposed to growth. In fact I welcome it. I believe more feet are needed on the street to help small business flourish.  However it needs to be done right and to do that citizens need to be engaged and involved.  Keep calm and be respectful was the take away from the meeting.  The council wants feedback and insight in constructive methods.  I can admit to becoming a bit "hyped"up when talking about this topic.  I am pleased we're talking and I'm grateful for developers and committee members (zoning) that care and work together to get it right. Right revolves around sewer, water, traffic and funding- not easy things to tackle or even understand.

Connected to this is a great opportunity and I encourage readers to attend Thursday night's meeting about the South Main Street /River Road/ Weaver Drive area.  ODOT construction of a new State Route 37 bridge is anticipated for 2020- work is being done now to plan- a task force has been planned.  This group will hold a public meeting on Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 6 pm in Council Chambers of Village Hall- 141 East Broadway.  I encourage you to go, listen and if inspired to speak do so- share caring thoughts recognizing there is much involved.  I wish I could go, but cannot so I hope others will and we can discuss it!!  How we funnel traffic in to our town and to important business on 37 will impact Life on Newark-Granville Road- literally and figuratively!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year from the Granville Leithausers, May 2018 bring Love Peace and Hope

life on NG Road-photo taken 2/24/17
life on NG Road-photo taken 2/25/17
What a difference a day makes!  Look at that sky, although we do love the yellow stripe on the road, the red in Peter's sweat shirt and mild temps.  And for once a picture taking event brought laughter, smiles and quick results- peace!  Yes, making them stand in the middle of the road facilitate all of that!

Happy New Year from our home to yours. Life on Newark-Granville Road takes a literal approach to our holiday message.  Simple updates on our family:

Clare- our junior is thinking about colleges. She says she wants small and is undecided on career path. She did enjoy seeing mid Atlantic small liberal art colleges this summer.  Due to her busy sports schedule (field hockey, basketball and lacrosse) we'll make spring break our Midwest college tour time, trying to add something fun, like maybe a visit to Chicago?? Yes, she will apply to Denison but it really is too close to home. It is her journey and we're excited to support her efforts.  She takes her studies very seriously, she won't leave class to meet with colleges when they visit her high school.  Her Global Scholars track has peaked her interest in political science and international studies, but does well with math and science.  Clare spent the summer of 2017 at Camp Alleghany and enjoying quality time with friends and family.  Interesting times as she continplates what 2018 will bring- a family vacation without her?? Stay tuned to the blog to share the excitement the new year will bring.

Peter- our sophomore continues to enjoy being active. He and his friends started a business doing yard work, placing signs around town.  We are grateful to those that put them to work!  Summer included an extended stay in Hagerstown with Nana and Pap and skill building on the courts.  2017 took him from basketball to the pool, a contributing member of the GHS swim team.  Mom is thrilled to be back at meets seeing a summer activity move to winter.  2018 has hopes for tennis team at GHS- the blog will share the scoop! He and Joe found time to hit the links and Peter even manged to beat him once.

Sally- made the big move to the middle school this year and is doing great. She joins her siblings in the car for 7:30 am departures.  Field Hockey this fall was fun with our new neighbor joining Sally on bike rides to practises down NG Road at Bryn Du.  Her winter sport is basketball and 2018 will bring more lacrosse.  2017 had quite a season with a big win at the Ohio Cup end of season tournament and Joe coaching.  Sally enjoyed Camp Alleghany and quality time with family this summer.  2018 moves her into the teenage years.

MBCC golf course selfie
Susan and Joe continue to enjoy their work. Joe wrapped up his first year at Infoverity with Next Generation Analytics and Susan is in her 3rd year with Family Philanthropy at Denison.  Both places allow us to engage with great people and coordinate fun travel around the US. It could not happen without family and friends assisting and carpooling, helping us enjoy this life on Newark-Granville Road.  We're very grateful.  A highlight of the year was taking in the Dead & Friends show with Scott and Ann Leithauser in Columbus. We made a full day more fun by adding it to the end of travel home from fabulous Stoner Thanksgiving in Orlando.

If we're not at home or work you'll find us at First Presbyterian Church, Granville Library, Denison and GHS sporting events, Moundbuilders Country Club, Newark Rotary or outside taking in time in beautiful Licking County- these are places we find peace and happiness.  We'd love to have you join us if ever interested.

We HOPE your new year will be filled with LOVE and PEACE.  We HOPE to see you for our Kentucky Derby Party on May 5, 2018 4:30 pm start, post time for the 144th Run for the Roses is 6:34 pm. Hats encouraged...more details will be posted here in April!

Thanks for sharing our life on NG Road- it is a special place to live, grown and love.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas on Newark-Granville Road

This is the time of the year I should be writing the Christmas Update for the Christmas Cards.  We have joined the digital age and keep the cards simple- instead encourage blog reading.  That will wait, just as our holiday and end of calender year with Derby invite cards will wait. Good news- I can check off- "order New Year Cards".   That happened yesterday, after a successful picture was taken on the 25th!  We actually took photos on the 24th that would of worked and then it snowed!  Our white Christmas made for a prettier for backdrop and Eve all the more special.

Christmas Eve is the magical day.  My mother says it is her favorite day, she will call or now text me and say- it is our favorite day - and I do love it.  Why do I love it?   It is still the day about our faith, family and friends. We've enjoyed the preparing and now celebrate the ultimate gift from God. On the 23rd we attended a beautiful funeral celebrating a wonderful life.  A life that gave life, life I'm lucky to have in my life.  A life filled with faith and pursuit of peace. Saturday was wonderful time in the midst of holiday to dos to be reminded of what our faith is- a gift. A gift to be cared for and tended.  Christmas Eve allows us to celebrate and honor our faith as Christians.  And FPC celebrates it well!

First Presbyterian Church of Granville is a special place on Christmas Eve and all year round- join us.  Join us for Family's in Faith for Sunday School.  Join our choirs- boys in HS in particular!  Thanks to all who joined us for Christmas Eve.  I loved the 4:30 pageant/children's choir and then the message and music and the 6:30 service was just gorgeous. All three of our kids in the choir- and the voices. Lucky me- in the back ushering with adult choir members- we sang our hearts out and oh it sounded good!

We went home to long over due family dinner at home. Cocktail hour by the fire,  shrimp scampi on china, and texts connecting to family. Clare took me to see the lights as we ran an errand taking in the beautiful Granville snow glistening landscape.  

Our Christmas morning had delighted children, grateful for their gifts- yay! Delicious and beautiful breakfast treats provided by dear friends. And kitchen time as we prepared for Leithauser Christmas in Westerville this year. The afternoon was very special as fifteen Leithausers all gathered- the sweet one year old on hand to remind us of the simplicity of the season.  Our gift exchange and dinner were wonderful and being together with Joe's family important and special.  Three cheers for dear Ann and Scott for hosting and providing a perfect venue for the crowd.

Christmas continues on Newark-Granville Road. We embrace the 12 days of Christmas and celebrate into the new year.  On the 26th Nana and Pap arrived and we again gathered around the fire place for cocktails, set a pretty table and enjoyed a Stoner tradition- beef fondue.  Beautiful gifts exchanged delivered from Maryland and quality time with my parents made for another memorable night.

Life on Newark-Granville road embracing Christmas meaning- faith, family and friends. Hope and Peace have been a focus this month, Love and Joy abound - a very merry and special Christmas.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Skating on Christmas Eve Day- Join Us!

Dear friends would host an amazing Ice Skating Party on Christmas Eve Day. We're so grateful for the years of fun, fellowship and energy release!  The event isn't happening in 2017 but the kids want to continue the traditon of skating.  So on 12/23/17 at noon- we'll be at the Gib and Lou Reese Ice Rink in Newark-   We'd love to see you there!   Life on Newark-Granville Road honoring tradition and what works- great exercise and family friend fun on a special day!

2015 Christmas Eve Fun!