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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Exciting News in Granville...just down the street....UPDATED!

Life on Newark-Granville Road loves to receive and send a letter. I know I know you can't always read my hand writing- on my epitaph you could say...she wrote letters...and I would be pleased.   I want to reflect more on what I mean by this and I want to talk about this.  Right now, I do want to share the great news, a new store is opening and Granville and I want it to be supported and loved by all of our visitors and those in Licking County.  Help me welcome
Just Write

This new store will have darling cards, beautiful invitations and lets find out what else by visiting! They open on Monday, April 9th! I just did an on-line order to get the party started in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  This store is in partnership with the Robbins Hunter Museum- kudos to all involved.  The store will be where the James Store was, near Alfie's- yum and the Granville Library (heart.)

**Update:  I'm already impressed with store owner and manager's approach to customer service.  I've been wooed!  I was the first customer as I purchased cards on-line.  FYI- darling affordable cards and easy web ap.  As a reward for being the first, I received home delivery with bonus items in my gift bag!!! Woo hoo to me.  ALSO on this blog, they posted a comment and invited people to stop and introduce themselves if you see them working in the store before they open.  I encourage you to reach out and get to know my new friends in my life on NG Road!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

March..Things to Share including a beautiful blog.

It has been some time since I shared another blog site to visit. This is one not to miss. This is an author and artist not to miss! I could of- she was the guest speaker at Monday Talk's (ask me about this if interested- a women's group that is all in the name) luncheon. Thank heavens a dear friend took lead, saved a seat and drew me there. Julie Zickefoose shared her talent, passion, stories, song and perspectives with us. Centered around the creation of her Baby Birds book, it was a delightful way to spend an extended lunch hour. The company was wonderful as well and the theme so well executed at MCC! Julie's blog is a treat! I found out about it on Monday...and today I just took the time to visit. She takes us on her run....she inspired me and gave me some ideas....oxygen in my brain! If you can go see her- Fri. April 13, 2018, 7:00 pm:Explorer Series featuring Women in Science "Baby Birds: An Artist Looks Into the Nest" with book signing at Cleveland Museum of Natural History 1 Wade Oval Dr. Cleveland OH 44106. Doors open at 5 pm, refreshments, lecture, question and answer and book signing follow. I highly recommend it!!

Life on Newark-Granville there and everywhere....March is a march at times. Joe was in AZ over the weekend- thank you dear friends of baseball league- happiness is a happy husband. I took a quick work trip to DC- I work with the best people and then Joe flew to Louisiana. I'm plotting how to get us around the dinner maybe breakfast table this weekend. We have been tag teaming parenting, talking about how we're supporting our kids schedules and involvement in big things like to walk out or not via phone calls and texts while ubering and checking into hotel rooms, waiting for appointments. Not perfect but it is what it is. We're talking, hugging, sharing and working through this messy and hard thing called life. And finding the beauty and joy with the care of one another. And we continue to learn and try and understand....

Beware the Ides of March...I love love love that I said this last night...picture the scene. Clare is at her spot at the dining room table surrounded by books, computer, phone, planner....we're just ruled out taking her to see DePauw next week while students are there. I make the declaration and she responds: "Really? Oh no.....I'm taking the National Latin exam on the Ides of March?" We smile and she sighs and goes back to the practice tests.

I could write more, in my head I did. Yesterday I wanted to share more thoughts on the Walk out at the Schools. It is complicated. It didn't go the way we thought it would in our lives on Newark-Granville Road. Why does this surprise me. Time to keep Marching.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

the week of magic, art is everywhere and truly magical.

The week had an energy about it.  As I wrote in an earlier blog there has been tremendous sadness within our community and I'm afraid it has continued.  I do feel as if heaven (or the beyond depending on your belief) has times when we feel more people pass, move into that space.  The good is the week also has had beauty. The week on Newark-Granville Road has revealed beautiful magic- magic in the arts.

Monday our book club- Discussing Books at Cherry Valley Lodge- had the author, Margot Singer, of this month's book- Underground Fugue- attend our gathering.  What a treat.  As all of my fellow book clubers know I'm always interested in knowing the "how" and "why" of a book. What was the process that created the end result.  On Monday evening Margot shared hers for this book. Being an English professor  she shared other insights on how and whys.  It went further than I realized, my big take away was that magic is involved. These stories almost take on a life of their own, go directions not planned by the penman- this delighted me. Language is an art, and the time with Margot proved this.  There is of course science and study and lots of hard work.  Rewriting, time with the characters and plot. Revisions and writing to see where it will go. Maybe the magic is the blending of science and art, sprinkled with history, time and work? Hmmmmmm

My week ended with Sally needing an art gallery or museum time.  This is a component of her art class. Since I had the time and I have been craving Columbus time, we headed West.  An exhibit had been calling to me and I thought she would be interested.  I was right! The exhibit at the Wexner Center, on loan from the RISD musem, of Everything: Todd Oldman Fashion was delightful.  History, art, science- the buttons and accessories with stories of the molds and metals. So many beloved things: plaid, pearls, old school bling, beading, Eastern influences and the why and how!  What a fantastic exhibit!! Presented so well, with so much to see and take-in...and I'm not a sewer/tailor/seamstress- if you are at all- GO!


Sally's favorite- hand painted silk to look like Chinchilla!
My favorite- organza flower coat! But I had many many favorites- the pearl fishnet wrap, the pantones.....I could go on and on....Art is everywhere turned into the theme of the day.  Fashion is art but so much more.  Todd Oldman- 80s love, couture- magic in our morning.

We traveled south to the Short North, parked the car and walked. Sally needed another gallery and wanted more traditional art- framed picture or painting- for her class reflection.  We found a Christian Faur piece in the Sherrie Gallery.  Everyone should know Christian's work- we're lucky he is at Denison. Again the science and his art creat what feels like magic- to make crayons that he makes into art- incredible.

Lunch at the North Market took us to the La Veit- the color and presentation of our meals had us declaring "art is everywhere".  And oh so delicous too.  We wrapped up our time with art is everywhere inspiration in chocolate! It was wonderful to see the Camps in their gorgeous space and see how their incredible, creative, beautiful delicacies have evolved.  I've always been a fan when they were at the Granville Farmers Market.  Herb infused chocolate are a treat. The endeavor has elevated to a whole new plane and is gorgeous and scrumptious.  Magic- hard work, talent, art and science mixed together. We're spellbound.  We wrapped up our night at the table with magic potion- their drinking chocolate!!

Life on Newark-Granville Road loves art, science, history. In my life on Newark-Granville Road I love learning something new, having ah-has and feeling the magic in the air.  Sadness can shift and make room for happiness with memories and comfort. Time and relationships create memories that make magic and we felt it on Newark-Granville Road this week.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Big Important Things going on at FPC!

and it matters in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  If you are a member of FPC or frequent visitor you'll want to know too!  Sunday was a big day, a wonderful day.  A day our church came together to learn, celebrate, honor and connect around Commitment 2018 and Beyond!  We're investing in our future, we're ensuring FPC will continue to give as it has since the beginning.  The community FPC has been, and is, and supports, needs to always be.  An endowment and a fund for important needs beyond the everyday have been established and are well on the way to reaching the first step funding goals!  March 4th- we marched fourth into our initiative and shared the good news. It was a very special day.

Want to know more?  Here you go- join us at the Information sessions:  March 7th 7:30 pm, March 11 12:30 pm, March 11- 7:30 pm and March 18 12:30 pm.  Kendall times available as well. Our goal is to have every FPC member and active participant join us in conversation and understanding about what it takes to commit to FPC and our mission.  To give is to receive- we all receive so much from FPC and one another through our engagement there together.  It is important that we educate ourselves and talk about how it happens.

Joe and I have been and are committed to FPC.  Joe and I are serving on the committee to execute this big important initiative- Commitment 2018 and Beyond.  So many individuals have put in amazing time and expertise to get us to this place, the work has been rewarded, the work has inspired.  One on one meetings have been highlights to my time at FPC, hearing the stories that have connected and committed church leaders to FPC. Amazing and wonderful- our fore-parents are smiling from heaven.

So what was so great about Sunday? Was it the worship with all the choirs- yes. Was it Karen's incredible message that recognized and linked it all together, yes.  Was it the church united at 10 am, yes. Was it lessons being shared with members playing fantastic roles in costume, yes.  Was it the prayers and litany, yes.  Was it the hymns- the classic hymns with words summarizing exactly what Commitment 2018 and Beyond is all about- yes, yes, yes. What is the opportunity to be united in our sanctuary and praise God, ask for God's blessing and help, yes.  And then there was a celebration...and oh was it! We brought out the silver and the china, the punch bowls and special recipes.  We hired a Batista and made sure even the smallest of our guests had a place at the table. We had fancy pictures and created an on the spot, JIT, album. The kids played and laughed and we gathered and talked.  We ate, drank and were merry. Many of us lingered and that was a gift. It was a Thanks Giving Feast- that is what it was. Prepared and presented by dedicated, committed, talented members of our church. 

Everyone was happy on Sunday, very happy We were giving and receiving together- that is what Commitment 2018 and Beyond is. I could type and list names- names of the leadership, steering committee, communications committee (I do love the logo and that work!!!), event committee and staff- ask me and I'll tell you and I'll share.  I'll do my best to say thank you to each of you.  I'll look forward to continuing to serve with you as we execute this big important initiative at FPC.  Life on Newark-Granville Road- we're committed to 2018 and Beyond at FPC.

Grndma Shirley- we've shared FPC fun since 1987.
Commit for the future, grateful for FPC love of my kids and our community's kids!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Comfort and Peace

The world, our world is filled with so much hurt right now.  Friends have lost dear ones, strangers that share my shoes have had their worlds turned upside down and inside out...there is no sense.  This last day of February I wanted to share something to help comfort.  I wanted to offer a prayer for peace.  Instead I was drawn to the piece of art that hangs in our kitchen, a gift from a dear friend.  "Throw Kindness Around like Confetti."  This aligns with the Granville Leithauser mantra- be kind.

This cool piece with a dictionary page as a background takes the key word of kindness to a new place.  Confetti represent fun and frivolous me it represents joy.  In this time of blah and sadness we must remember and find the joy too.  Friends that are grieving have shared the joy their loved ones provided and I'm grateful.  The world needs kindness everywhere and we need to spread it.  So in my life on Newark-Granville Road know that I'm thinking of you.  If you want to talk, get tea, chat on the phone, text back and forth, even FB message with me- I'm here.  I'm thinking of you and your loss, your disappointment, your blah, your hurt. I'm praying, I'm thinking and I'm sharing what I hope will help.  I'm thinking of actions I can take and work I can do. My prayer today, may our lives on an off NG Road feel the energy of that kindness confetti.

from Kussmaul Gallery

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Happy Birthday Joe, Love Susan

Since I posted about the need to JIT facebook post, I thought I should share the real 2018 birthday picture....
Life on Newark-Granville Road kept the 50th birthday celebration simple. Dinner was steak au poivre with smashed potatoes, Brussels spouts, lucky cat bread and angel food cake for dessert with Whit's custard.  We ate early- before Sally's lacrosse practice and had cake after.   Joe enjoyed a trip to Los Vegas with friends- an often annual event.  He opened some simple gifts and cards and he appreciated the text, calls and messages.

Oh how I love this wonderful man, husband, father, friend, lover, partner, roommate...I could go on and on but won't.  Life on Newark-Granville Road loved celebrating this special man on his special birthday.

Anniversary love- earlier in the week we celebrated 19 years of marriage- woo hoo! Again lucky me! Look at these beautiful flowers he sends every year- lucky me!  I carried open white roses down the aisle at the Mercersburg Academy Chapel and every year I receive a bouquet of the same flowers.  I love and appreciate you Joe.  Life on Newark-Granville Road loves the love we celebrate in February.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Perfect Station for Granville or From Granville

Quick post today- don't forget to tune into WDUB-  Lucky for me Joe drove my car and when I turned it on today- the doobie was playing. And it was just the music I wanted to hear and interesting music Joe and I were just discussing- The Replacements. When I left work a whole different sound- one that Clare loads for pump up music- that made me smile.  Granville, Oh- 91.1 share the music from my life on Newark-Granville Road!

Denison alumni, parents- those far away- you too can tune in- follow the link and click- listen!  I'm doing that right now as I type this post.  Check out the schedule- I'm happy to see one of our era's legacies hosting the airwaves!!   This reminds me I need to tune into a friend's show at another great small liberal arts school!

And if you want to see the music, or where the music is played-visit Slayter Union, 1st floor- the WDUB studio is there and you can see where the magic happens/ or behind the curtin and get a meal or coffee!

Life on Newark-Granville Road- better with music.  Best when music and Denison are united.