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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Why Granville Schools are getting our votes on May 8th and learn more!

1st and foremost if you live in Ohio I hope you will plan to vote on Tuesday, May 8th.  Not in town, like me?  Go vote early in person- details on your ballot and times are here:

School tax-Learn more here:  and learn even more by attending a session that explains the details, the rational ad what will happen if the ballot item does not pass.  We are hosting an information in our home on Friday, April 27th at 5:30 pm, please place your vote after spending time understanding the issue.  Joe did this on Tuesday and is now voting yes.  I am voting yes because I did the math. I looked at our tax detail, I reflected on what we pay and I recognize the incredible value of the education our children receive.  I recognize our children- Granville's children need schools that are safe and updated. Our teachers and staff need to be funded and supported.  Our elected officials have created a plan and I support their direction and effort.  Another option to learn more-Thursday, April 26th- Bryn Du- a public forum- please cast your vote understanding the needs.

There is a lot of conversation on Facebook about this levy.  There is a fair amount of confusion about how are schools are funded, what plans there are for future dollars and how taxes will and will not be applied. What levies end when...please learn more, ask questions and do your own research, be an informed voter.  Friday, April 27th at 5:30 pm- let me know you are attending please!!

Life on Newark-Granville Road with three kids, three different kids all supported by wonderful teachers and staff and we're grateful.  Is it perfect? no, is it an amazing value? YES! And we want this to continue and we're grateful to our school board members and the volunteers working to make the funding work.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Derby 2018 - Join Us!

Updated: 4/2118

The time has arrived for…
The Leithauser 2018 Kentucky Derby Party
Celebrating the 144thRun for the Roses and

Joe and Susan’s 50thbirthdays!

Once Invited, Always Invited!

Date:  The First Saturday in May: 5/5/2018
Time:  Party starts at 4:30 pm, race post time is 6:34 pm EST, party ends around dark….
Where:  Under the white tents, 1142 Newark-Granville Road, Granville, OH 43023
Hosts:   Joe, Susan, Clare, Peter and Sally
·      Friends and family of all ages welcome, we encourage you to bring those new to the community!
·      We will toast the day with Mint Juleps, Granville Brewing Beer on tap and soft drinks. Kentucky inspired fare and birthday cupcakes, a bit sized appetizer or dessert has become tradition, but not required.
·      Common Thread (fabulous Granville musicians) will perform before the race.  We’ll have a stage, consider it an open mic night as well!
·      Hats are encouraged, gifts are not- we host this to thank you, connect with you!
·      Parking always a challenge, consider carpool, walking, drop off.

Helpful to know if you can attend, no formal guest list kept, but we do try to estimate the number!     614 507 0751
We'll keep updated posted here- check back!  
Behind the scenes scoop- thank you Lee Otter for the suggestion of making it a birthday celebration too!  Joe enjoyed turning the big 50 in February and has enjoyed some guy trips. Susan will hit the special day in July and has some things planned but this felt right. Next year- Clare's High School Graduation is the theme!

Also happening on May 5th- Granville Farmers Market Opening!
Great Granville Yard Sale:

How many times were you invited?  We send out emails, holiday greetings, send to group chats- sports teams, committees and groups......

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Joe's Life on NG Road- his words for opening devotion...

Baseball’s Bible

For those of you who don’t follow sports, last Thursday was the Opening Day of the Major League baseball season.  This is a favorite time for me personally not just because I am a fan of the game, it signals that it is time to shake off the bleakness of winter and replace it with the green grass and warmer days of spring.  It is a time of re-birth and optimism.

You know God is a baseball fan as well from the first verse in the bible – In the Big Inning, God created the heavens and the earth.  And of course the commandment, thou shalt not steal.

Baseball and the faith have been companions over the years, most teams have a chapel in their clubhouse, which is unusual in the workplace.  Many players lean on their faith for the encouragement that is essential in a profession whose best performers fail 70% of the time. 

Many players sign their autographs with bible verses and there are usually two major themes in the verses they select – 1). verses that remind them to live into their potential while serving God and 2).  verses that help them stay humble, not an easy task for millionaire superstars.  I thought I would share some of my favorite verses.

Philippians 4:13. “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”  For a group of athletes whose livelihoods depend on self-motivation, and continual production you can image why this is a particularly popular verse with baseball players.

Another verse that gets signed often on baseballs is Romans 8:28. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

I think the popularity of this verse is due to the nature of the job of playing baseball.  It takes significant natural ability to either throw or hit a 95 m.p.h fastball.   I think this verse reassures and reminds the players who sign it that there is a purpose in the abilities they have been given by God.

Another popular verse is Mark 8:36. “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”  As I mentioned earlier, baseball clubhouses are no strangers to religion, yet there are few places in the world where it would be more challenging to live in a Biblical way, right? The money, the baseball hangers on, the relentless feeding of one’s ego make it particularly difficult.

The baseball bible is a simple bible, it’s about coming to grips with a God given ability that has provided an enviable lifestyle playing a kid’s game, while aspiring to remain humble in the eyes of the Lord.  The next time you watch a game think about how God is working through the players on the field to bring joy and happiness to the those of us who follow the game, also consider the challenges they struggle with each day.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

2018 Spring Break Reflections..I don't want to forget.

I wish I had journaled each day to capture more, here are my reflections while they are fresh!

Clare’s slang- “Fake News”- in her vernacular it means:  not going to happen…this cracks me up!

Entertainment during our drive from Chicago to Indy Clare found my Shutterfly site to look up picture from last visit to Indy.  It was 2009.  She has referenced all our spring breaks this break.  She knows years and cites.  We’ve done amazing things and I must say I’m grateful for her memories and recap…DC- running the monuments, Africa- has many memories- visiting the orphanage to play with babies was the highlight…happy heart, hiking the Appalachian trail- not their favorite- someday they’ll look back…. flying to see Nana, Pap and Aunt Sarah- they each did that separately, staying home to play baseball, NYC and their own must dos and the fun we had getting there by train.

Clare had to keep telling me- I’m not picky, I’m particular.  The grilled cheese at Fair Oaks- I gave it a 9l she gave it a 7- too much cheese.  I do get that logic. And what I love, she has thoughtful analysis of all situations.  She was all about experiencing deep dish pizza.  We had it twice.  She liked it, but finds it hard to eat. She wondered- in Chicago if you host a lacrosse pizza party- do you order this to feed the masses?   What an undertaking to use fork and knife- not easy when entertaining.  Car question- what is the best pizza? GO! She knows my answer- NY Rocky’s in MD…. Sally had it yesterday for lunch, lucky girl.

Clare reads the news- on line- she wants a subscription on line to the Newark Advocate.  We have a subscription to the Granville Sentinel...I’ve been meaning to consider online options.

Peter knows everything there is to know about sports.  He can basically tell you the lineup of all MLB teams.  When I figured this out we had a calm good discussion about how he could transfer these abilities to school- Latin.  He gives Sports Center a lot of credit for his learning. We joked about a Latin TV Show or site…hmm maybe he should switch back to Spanish and watch ESPN in Spanish.

Peter is not particular about his meals.  He orders well.  Although when hungry instead of being flustered by a big menu- he went for a burger and Clare went for the Chicken Cesar Salad.

We’ve had 5 nights in 4 different hotels. We’ve had 16 meals- maybe just a coffee and pastry breakfast- together.  We’ve had to select restaurants and it has gone amazingly well. There was one amazing brunch stop, Clare had water. She had enjoyed her cereal in the room before leaving. I was going to skip the stop but something told me, don’t do it.  I’m so glad I listened to my gut and could enjoy a fantastic meal in the charming town of Saugatuck.  I’ll be back!  The restaurant was listed as- worth the drive from Detroit- it was Southern food, in Michigan and it was amazing.
I love that they ask me often- what should I get, what will I like?  They may not take my first suggestion but I love being part of the plan. They’re not overly adventuresome eaters but do Okay- Peter loved his clams on linguine at Eataly, Clare came home with new pasta.  Peter had eggs at The Southerner but he ended with a clean plate and admitted the hash browns were incredible- it was the rosemary Peter!

Music choices- surprisingly we did not listen to as much music as I would of thought. We’ve talked and I can’t tell you all the subjects we’ve covered a lot of ground.
Slap happy time is 7 pm before dinner- tired and hungry makes my kids goofy and giggly. Yes, I would get annoyed because guess what…. I was cranky too- usually after a great number of hours driving.  Although the kids are funny at this time and I would end up laughing.  The climax of this status was Peter’s ordering our Chinese food on the way home- thank goodness, they accepted it as real!

The upgrade was worth every penny in Chicago.  Our old hotel room at The Drake was huge- two bathrooms, seating area and on more room for the cot.  The room in Marshall- let’s say the fire Marshall would not have been pleased.

I love that my kids delight in the little things- the seats in the hotel’s elevator! Riding the L., I love that they navigate for me- on their own, without the Maps ap…. although I wish I had packed the atlas for their use…that would give a whole new meaning to Road Trip.  They were excited for Martha the car to ride in her own elevator in the parking garage. Disappointed when it didn’t happen- she is an oversized car.  Peter is happy just driving around the sports cites and said thank you for the extra time we took to find Lucas Oil stadium…and that route we took to avoid traffic on 94- we ended up coming out where the White Sox play- that was Peter’s first trip to Chicago for David’s wedding. He loved that. And yes, we drove by Wrigley- he loved that trip too.

They’re learning how expensive travel is- parking alone and why once the car is parked we walk and take other transportation.  We’re stayed 30 miles out of downtown Indy to save money on parking and we got a great deal!  Kids enjoyed the suite life too- again everyone had their own bed.
Why do they think they can put trash on the floor and towels in hotel rooms…this was one of the things that isn’t good/is good about spending contained time together? I used to think it was the car trip but it is the hotel time too.  And the trash in the car drives me nuts too…. Joe usually cleans it out on these trips and he too gets annoyed.

They don’t’ like to sit in traffic either and get it that I like the scenic route.
They navigate cites well on their own.  At one point they had to get a cab and meet me- it worked.  Sorry about no tip cabbie- next time they know.

Peter opens doors on college tours better than anyone- it is how he earns his t-shirt in the bookstore.

They rolled their eyes as I found Denison connections everywhere.  Northwestern Lacrosse game- the stadium gifted by a couple that includes a Denison alumna.  Driving around Butler, story shared by our host ended up being about a Denison alumnus.  We visited the Indy Motor Speedway- that was fun! Yes, we kissed the bricks. I have a picture, however have promised not to post.  Sure enough- Denison alum in the time line- Bobby Rahal!  We toured DePauw today- Denisonians and Glanvillian in many places.

I could go on and on but will stop.  We’re home now and catching up with Joe. I love how happy they are to be home and now in our lives on NG Road we have our 2018 Spring Break College tours as memories that will be recalled in future years.  Thanks for reading and sharing the trip with me.

A few photos to share....

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Road Trip for Three Please!

It was time to take a break from my life on Newark-Granville Road. It was time for Spring Break! It was time to go on an adventure, see some sights, spend time away from work and the usual to-dos.  This year it made sense to take Clare on some college visits.  Grateful her spring sport isn't meeting and we had these days.  Since Peter's search will move into a higher gear it made sense to take him along for the ride.  Clare's interest lately has been with the GLCA schools and Peter loves Michigan so we planned a road trip to see a few.  We stayed in Marshall, MI the first night and did an Albion drive through, Kalamazoo drive through on the way to Hope in Holland.  Stayed the night in Holland before heading out to Chicago.  Indianapolis is tonight's landing to see DePauw tomorrow and then home.

Road trips for me are contained quality family time.  I never minded the drives to Florida in March for spring training.  There are times I am annoyed and irritated with the behavior but it is all worth it.  That said- my three kids in the car- pick, pick, pick.  I don't get it. We have this big beautiful car and it doesn't have enough room.  That made the decision to send Sally to Maryland for quality family time all the easier.  I'm missing her and she is missing us but it was the right decision.  I'm so proud of her flying by herself and grateful she enjoys the family bonding in MD.  Joe was all about work and staying with the dog this week.  Reality is I was happy to take the lead for a road trip for three!

I'm not going to go into too many details on this post. I just wanted to share the basics.   Joe said tonight my enthusiasm for our quality time has diminished over as I've reported by phone.  The reality is living in a hotel room and spending extended time allows us to really get to know one another.  I certainly know my kids but value this type of travel and these experiences. I admit my work and their activities can limited our time.  They say traveling with someone makes or breaks a dating relationship...I think the same is so for families.  I wasn't really prepared for just how much I would enjoy the time with Clare and Peter, beyond the tasks at hand- getting a sense if these schools could be a fit.

Not only have we visited colleges, we added the fun of introducing Clare to Chicago.  If you know Leithausers you know we love to watch sports- Clare found our outing for this trip.  Northwestern Women's Lacrosse vs Syracuse was part of our itinerary yesterday and what a treat. Bonus was no rain and cool stadium, plus a win for the hometown.  Sharing the city experience with friends offered another highlight- drinks with pals with a similar approach! Mom plus two three kids touring colleges and enjoying Chicago!  New neighbor friends sharing their old neighborhood favorites- live and in person.   Hotel stays are always a treat for my family- The Drake was a bucket list item for me and they did not disappoint.  Clare loved the L- who knew of her interest in subways/public transportation. As much as she enjoys visiting a city, she does not feel it is where she will spend four years at college.  This was revealed during our DC trip in December and stands true. I'm so grateful to hear her rational for what she likes and does not prefer as we navigate this remarkable time in her life.  I'm loving the ride and being part of the journey.

Thank you to Clare and Peter for helping plan the trip, adding insights and requests.  Navigating and enjoying the quest and adventures looking for colleges provides.  The car talks, quiet time for reflection- a fair amount of sleeping has also happened and I have not wanted to disturb them. The great meals out and company as we explore these communities. My life on Newark-Granville Road is good and better when I take a break and find adventure.  It will be good to be home tomorrow, but I will savor what tomorrow brings and the time on the road with my big kids.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Exciting News in Granville...just down the street....UPDATED!

Life on Newark-Granville Road loves to receive and send a letter. I know I know you can't always read my hand writing- on my epitaph you could say...she wrote letters...and I would be pleased.   I want to reflect more on what I mean by this and I want to talk about this.  Right now, I do want to share the great news, a new store is opening and Granville and I want it to be supported and loved by all of our visitors and those in Licking County.  Help me welcome
Just Write

This new store will have darling cards, beautiful invitations and lets find out what else by visiting! They open on Monday, April 9th! I just did an on-line order to get the party started in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  This store is in partnership with the Robbins Hunter Museum- kudos to all involved.  The store will be where the James Store was, near Alfie's- yum and the Granville Library (heart.)

**Update:  I'm already impressed with store owner and manager's approach to customer service.  I've been wooed!  I was the first customer as I purchased cards on-line.  FYI- darling affordable cards and easy web ap.  As a reward for being the first, I received home delivery with bonus items in my gift bag!!! Woo hoo to me.  ALSO on this blog, they posted a comment and invited people to stop and introduce themselves if you see them working in the store before they open.  I encourage you to reach out and get to know my new friends in my life on NG Road!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

March..Things to Share including a beautiful blog.

It has been some time since I shared another blog site to visit. This is one not to miss. This is an author and artist not to miss! I could of- she was the guest speaker at Monday Talk's (ask me about this if interested- a women's group that is all in the name) luncheon. Thank heavens a dear friend took lead, saved a seat and drew me there. Julie Zickefoose shared her talent, passion, stories, song and perspectives with us. Centered around the creation of her Baby Birds book, it was a delightful way to spend an extended lunch hour. The company was wonderful as well and the theme so well executed at MCC! Julie's blog is a treat! I found out about it on Monday...and today I just took the time to visit. She takes us on her run....she inspired me and gave me some ideas....oxygen in my brain! If you can go see her- Fri. April 13, 2018, 7:00 pm:Explorer Series featuring Women in Science "Baby Birds: An Artist Looks Into the Nest" with book signing at Cleveland Museum of Natural History 1 Wade Oval Dr. Cleveland OH 44106. Doors open at 5 pm, refreshments, lecture, question and answer and book signing follow. I highly recommend it!!

Life on Newark-Granville there and everywhere....March is a march at times. Joe was in AZ over the weekend- thank you dear friends of baseball league- happiness is a happy husband. I took a quick work trip to DC- I work with the best people and then Joe flew to Louisiana. I'm plotting how to get us around the dinner maybe breakfast table this weekend. We have been tag teaming parenting, talking about how we're supporting our kids schedules and involvement in big things like to walk out or not via phone calls and texts while ubering and checking into hotel rooms, waiting for appointments. Not perfect but it is what it is. We're talking, hugging, sharing and working through this messy and hard thing called life. And finding the beauty and joy with the care of one another. And we continue to learn and try and understand....

Beware the Ides of March...I love love love that I said this last night...picture the scene. Clare is at her spot at the dining room table surrounded by books, computer, phone, planner....we're just ruled out taking her to see DePauw next week while students are there. I make the declaration and she responds: "Really? Oh no.....I'm taking the National Latin exam on the Ides of March?" We smile and she sighs and goes back to the practice tests.

I could write more, in my head I did. Yesterday I wanted to share more thoughts on the Walk out at the Schools. It is complicated. It didn't go the way we thought it would in our lives on Newark-Granville Road. Why does this surprise me. Time to keep Marching.