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Saturday, November 18, 2017

I like mine the old fashioned way....

or I should say, like to roast mine the old fashioned way. Life on Newark-Granville Road is roasting turkey! Yes roast, not fry or smoke, know me and know I'm kind of a classic, old school girl.  I admire and have enjoyed turkey prepared other ways...okay only once and it was an infrared prepared turkey.  It was moist and delicious.  It just isn't the way I want to prepare my turkey.   Although when I think about it the original turkey prep was probably over a spit! Hmmmmm......

We're hosting Leithauser Thanksgiving and I am loving spending time in my kitchen, getting ready to have the family together.  Sally helped me set the table last night and Clare made cookies for her contribution/favorite thing.  I'm grateful Joe hasn't expressed interest in taking on turkey component of the meal.  He is a great cook with some quite the repertoire- omelettes, insta-pot dinners and jambalaya from the Orioles cookbook. It is such a help to have a partner in the kitchen.  I just don't want his help on Thanksgiving.  Old school- I'll let him carve, not because I can't or he is a man, but because I have other things to do- like get the oysters in the oven and coach Sally on the potatoes at that time.

I love hearing about what others serve for their Thanksgiving meal.  I love sharing our traditions- sauerkraut, scalloped oysters are things that seem a bit different than others.  And I love to eat the full meal- I love everything that makes a Thanksgiving meal.  The menu this year on NG Road will include items that will hopefully please all in attendance.  I'm going a bit out of my usual m.o. to offer the buffet style T-giving.  We'll have two greens this year, not just the peas.  Clare fell in love with green bean casserole so green bean casserole will appear this year.  Peter (and I) love the peas- they stay.  We have a vegetarian at the table, adding roasted squash this year.  This is a nod to a Tgiving from years and years ago at a Great Aunt's house- I remember the never ending offerings that included things beyond my mother's usual. The introduction to cream corn was something I won't forget.    Of course the best part of the turkey day meal- the sandwich.  Hmmmmm homemade turkey noodle soup is right up there and the oyster stew.....something I forget about until I buy the oysters and always go for the quart not pint!

I enjoyed incorporating the Thanksgiving Farmers Market as part of my prep!  I was there at 8:30 am so I could get home to Mr. Turkey!  I made yoga this morning since no Turkey Trot. Two of the three are hope and helping with the last minute prep for company.  Clare's scrimmage is over and she'll join us soon.  There is much to be appreciate in the Leithauser family, in particular the Leithauser family. Life on Newark-Granville Road, old fashioned, happy and ready to give thanks.  Looking forward to a full week of Thanks-Giving, being in a place of gratitude and savoring family time.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Granville Village Happenings- Getting Involved

Joe and I recently talked about being more involved in our local governmence.  We define involved as being informed, aware of  important issues and engaged with those making important decisions. We're grateful to those who serve as elected officials and on important committees at all levels- school board, village, township, county and beyond, our zoning committees, councils, etc......We want to be intentional and go beyond Facebook and Twitter and a quick review of the Granville Sentinel to be knowledgeable and in a place to understand impact. We also want to have intellectual
conversations about important infrastructure and growth that is inevitable. This is our responsibility as residents on Newark-Granville Road.

To start we'll focus on the village council.  Yes, we live in the village.  Neighbors slightly south and east are in the township and not the village.    The boundries are interesting- not always what you think. This plays a big impact.  We learned this lesson years ago when we went to replace our septic system.  Past blog post-    Having the Health Department deny premission to install a new system that led to boring under the road to tap into the village sewer was indeed a grown up project. I learned a great deal in 2013 and have much still to learn.   Our water and sewar are key to our future.  Traffic flow is important- new neighbors were shocked at how fast cars drive and the speed limit- I remember being that person.  I remember being involved on the pathways committee and excited about plans to gain access to our schools and areas.  The Rotary bridge is such a great asset and I'm proud of our small role.  The kids went to village council and township meetings to advocate and were there at the dediction. We all benefit from the bridge. There is more work to do in so many areas.

In our lives on Newark-Granville Road, we are going to start being more involved by reading- reading the minutes of council meetings. Join us, here are two links. The first is general info about the council and the second are the most recent minutes available- Nov 1st. Timing is right as a topic presented at the meeting are five development projects on NG Road.

Stay tuned for more thoughts and please know we look forward to discussions and meetings- in person or on the phone, not on social media.  We'll also do our best to attend future council meetings.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Planes and Trains,Cabs and Uber and Amazon Bookstore!

Life took me off of Newark-Granville Road this week to NYC!  It was a good trip- great work visits with inspiring Denison parents AND a personal dinner with a dear Denison friend.  As I reflected on the trip I found figure eights manifesting. I truly believe life is figure eight motion. We come and go from people AND places, repeating in similar patterns. Polarity management showcases the figure eights with opposites and energy created in the movement between and it is all connected by the AND.

Plane ride- I'm the one who likes the window seat to take in the scenery- the disappearing and approaching landscape and beautiful skies.  Follow me on Facebook you know I had issues with Delta's customer service but persistence carried the day and I found a kind empowered agent to help. I also love those darn Delta crisp cookies. I also have to say LGA is coming along and has much to offer. I'm always going to be true to Southwest- but when flying to NYC...what is a girl to do- embrace Delta?!  I also love love love a train ride.  I love the stations and the time to sit and think, read, play a game on my phone, catch-up on FB.  It was an easy way to meet my friend in her town and enjoy a great dinner!!   NYC-6:15 pm Princeton Junction 7:30, 2 hour dinner and catch-up, train ride home allowed me to finish my book- in bed and asleep by 11:30.....great end to a great day!

I love how easy it is to get around NYC- I've really embraced subways this year in Boston, Chicago but time didn't allow that to be the case in NCY.  Uber is my preferred mode- I love the email payments.  However sometimes it is hard to find the meet up spot and voila cabs seem to be everywhere.  This trip I divided my time with cabs and ubers.  There is something fun about hailing a cab.

Since I finished my book I needed a new one before heading to the airport to wait out a stand-by flight home  When I found bookstore options close to my hotel- Amazon popped up.  Being a happy on-line customer I was very curious about the real-life in person store. I had amazing service and found a future book club option. It isn't the same as the Independent stores I adore- I have my favorites in Boston, Menlo Park and of course Granville- just down Newark-Granville Road...but data and distribution fascinate me and that is what Amazon is.

What I loved about NYC this trip is the ah-ha about how well all those people- 8.538 million people in 2016- so no doubt there are more Nov 2017- live and work together.  It has to be one of the most diverse cities in America for many reasons. And a range of diversity and it felt so peaceful there this trip. It felt that there was a rhythm of existence that I needed to breathe in, feel.  On Thursday morning I sat and enjoyed coffee and watched the this NYC world go by.  More "And"  poor and rich, homeless and tourist, a range of religions and political views, sneakers and heels, and so much more.  All of my experience could be in competitions or it could simply be -Can't beat 'em join them and keep the balance, keep the AND instead of the Or.  Figure eights of balance allow me to love my life- here and there, on and off Newark-Granville Road.

Quiet Hustle
Found my Denison trip read!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Reds, Yellows, Greens and Orange.....seasons of change.

Swirls of color all around town.  Swirls of emotions in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  Here are the happenings.....
-late color pop this Fall. I wasn't sure we'd have this at all. The wonderful warm weather seemed to be a swap for leaf show.  Not the case- this weekend the reds, the oranges, the lush green of the grass provided a treat to the senses. 
-sad news in church again, another death of a devoted member, someone who welcomed me to town when we moved here. A special friend's mother, the end of an era for this family. The gray sky set the tone and the color celebrated her life.
-I finished the book Dreamland, The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemicc by Sam Quinones.
An important read and as I shared with book club- "terrifying".  I thought I knew enough about this story. Joe listened to it on a vacation and shared key components. I didn't know enough- I needed to read it. I can't wait to discuss it.  Unofficial statistic tonight- 78 heroin overdoes in Columbus Ohio in a 12 hour period on Friday.  We have to talk about this and know about this. Stepping back it is fascinating, stepping in as a mother of three I'm so frighted by this.
-a creative, fun, literary gathering happened next door last night and it was such a delight.  Our whole family attended and engaged with our wonderful neighbors and their new friends, our friends. The hospitality was fantastic and after reading Dreamland, we recognized how important it is to develop these relationships as families with families.
-beautiful luncheon, gathering great group of women on Newark-Granville road- well done and thank you Kim and your front yard table inspiration to unite neighbors.

There are so many things happening and we're in transition time with sports, the seasons, my ankle, work and feels like the leaves in the trees, in the wind, in the yards.  Family and friend time keep me grounded and able to embrace the beauty- I'm grateful.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Thoughts from the Road- Susan's recent Travels.

It has been quite a busy few weeks in my life on NG Road.  So much travel I contemplated a new blog...Life off Newark-Granville Road!  A travel blog......I do enjoy travel, sharing tips and tidbits, musings.  I don't have enough time to keep up with this blog, I don't need two.  I will continue to integrate travel reflection here.

This week's travel fun- Chicago! Three cheers for Southwest Airlines. I was able to go up and back in the day.  I like flying into Midway and taking the L to and from the city.  I'm not ready for Christmas but do appreciate seeing the prep happening at Marshall Fields- the big downtown store! I know it is now Macy's but it will always be MF to me!  I was flying home at 10, my meeting wrapped up at 6- I took a walk through this shopping mecca.  I didn't feel like shopping but enjoyed taking in the happenings.

I also traveled south to Hocking Hills for a work retreat.  What a delight to learn, connect with colleagues and soak in the quiet and beauty of this natural treasure so close home.  We stayed at the Inn at Cedar Falls.  This was my second visit and I enjoyed the meeting space and my food.  The lodge rooms are OK. I'd like to return and stay in one of the new Yurts! The cabins look nice as well. The staff are friendly and appreciate the business.  Our work for the two days was about gift planning and so fascinating.  If anyone would like to learn more, talk about this I'd enjoy the opportunity.  Not just gifts that benefit Denison, but any of philanthropy.  The great news about gift planning is the strategies to meet your needs- donor needs and interest- beyond philanthropic, good tax sense! This trip provided two reminders......when camping, make sure there is enough scotch. Okay we didn't camp, but we were in a camping mode and the scotch did come in handy.  And "smoke follows beauty"  camp fire fun was part of the agenda. We laughed and enjoyed being around the camp fire.  Said fire had a design flaw, but our fearless and dedicated leader prevailed and a few hours effort gave us a roaring focal point.   Thanks for the memories, learning, quiet and laughs Ed!

Last week Denison work took me to the west coast and the Bay area.  It was a quick trip and my schedule was full so I did not post this one on FB.  Again I love Southwest- the direct flight from Columbus to Oakland is wonderful.  The Denison Connecting event was very special- so many great Denionians helping one another and bonus 1990 Classmates were on hand.   Great to reconnect with good guys and gal and others from our era.  Bonus was a young alum who is very special- that was posted on FB!  Great advice was shared in particular - failures are important, almost badges of honor!  I enjoyed the time to connect with Denison parents making differences not only for Denison but their communities. Hearing updates on their young alumnus and student studying abroad was great.  Travel  notes:  The Double Tree Hilton- Berkeley Marina is a favorite hotel of mine.  I love the walking trail on the bay, connected to a park. I repeated from a past trip and treated my exercise with Tibron Toast in the hotel's restaurant.  I also was able to visit Swan's Oyster Depot in Russian Hill for.....oysters!  The pacific northwest half shells were like BUTTA- oh my! The clams pretty good too.  What a treat. Joe and I found Swan's years ago- a Bon Appetite Chef's guide to the city pointed the way.

I took the red-eye home from LA to enjoy a vacation day!  When the kids don't have school in October we've followed the lead and good sense of good friends to go to...Keeneland in Lexington, KY.  We were sad not to have Clare with us, or the friend this year.  Clare stayed home for field hockey practice- what a season- woo hoo and for homework.  The red eye was difficult- I've never been designed for that travel.  Arriving home at 6 am, I had to lay down- I needed some vertical time.  This put us behind our usual routine/schedule- arriving early and enjoying the Track Kitchen.  We did make it for the 2nd race and had a lovely day. Bonus was taking the country roads behind the property home- one of the prettiest drives ever.  We also had some big fun wins- Clairnation- fun bet to place and more fun to claim the winnings!  It wasn't perfect day- I keep it real out here.  The darn big car isn't big enough for Sally and Peter. Bucket seats/Captain seats in the 2nd row- doesn't prevent the pick-pick-picking and bickering- argh.  The race time was great, the drive down and back could of been better.

And that is where I've been as I've ventured off Newark-Granville Road.  So much more to share or reflect about...the incredible season that finally came to and end- the undefeated season met with defeat in the 2nd round of the tournament. I'll blog after the banquet.  Granville's Christmas Candlelight Walking Tour drama- sigh...Joe was surprised it was Columbus news...I'm afraid it may have made National News.  Stress of kids today.....happiness tonight was telling Clare the ACT test score tomorrow really doesn't matter.  I think she took it in.  It will help her path and college selection  journey but she is in a great place. And oh the fun we'll have on this journey....traveling off of NG Road.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs.....

Life on Newark-Granville Road can be very public.  Many people drive, walk, bike, run by and take notice of our activities.  Not surprising Joe and I are often asked to put political signs in our yard.  We came to a casual agreement and policy:  if the person running is a good friend or if we're working on the issue or campaign we'll put the yard sign in our yard.  We also limit the number of signs- two is pushing it. If Joe had his way there would probably be no signs.  In theory I'd probably put a number of signs as I like to engage in politics.  The key phrase being "in theory."

I hear political signs don't work, are not effective. However the perception to the public in our area is that they do work.  Better said, there is demand for signs - those running for office or leading a ballot issues are asked often for yard signs are told- they needs signs. I am sorry to miss a talk at Denison on Wed. Oct 18 4:00 pm in Knapp 204 about yard signs.   Politics on Display is the title, Yard Signs And The Politicization of Socialization of Public Spaces by Anand Sokhey '03- Denison! PhD from Ohio State and now  an Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Colorado Boulder.  If you go I hope you'll let me know and we can discuss your take-aways.  My theory is signs should inspire conversation, awareness and hopefully inspiration to vote!  Not the way I will, but just to vote.

Recently I've been asked to place one sign for the November elections.  Because it was a friend who asked, a friend who explained her reasons for running for re-election, we said yes.  I was asked to meet with another candidate to offer insights on important issues for the community.  We had a nice talk and she was very knowledgeable on a hot topic for me- sewer and water.  Sewer and water access is key to our town's sustainability/ tax base and the right thing to do- our public officials need to see this as a priority. I left our meeting wanting a yard sign for this candidate. I also like the fact we're endorsing two women in this race.  I admire all of the candidates running and am grateful for their service.  I appreciate the two candidates reached out to us and engaged us in conversation.  Consider this their reward access to our yard.  I hope you'll notice and think consider for whom and why you'll cast a ballot.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What is for dinner.....

Sunday night church we pass a grocery list down the pew. Sally whispered during the hymn "can we have mac n cheese? " I said yes and she added the supplies to the list.  I serve it with salmon cakes- a Leithauser celebratory, favorite dinner.  This worked for the week's plan as we wanted to offer- smart food and salmon is brain food.  Peter and Clare had the PSAT on the docket.  (I read the blog from the  Mom with the three kids with perfect ACT scores- she talked about serving lots of fish- legit or not, I love the concept of building confidence.  We're also celebrating Clare's selection for National Honorary Society.  The big splurge- wheel pasta- her favorite.  To round out the meal, Graters and Jenny's ice cream thanks to IGA.  I usually don't serve ice cream with fish- goes back to my grandmother- but I was in a happy place. 

Leithauser Favorite- Salmon cake, fresh broccoli, mac n cheese, with stewed tomatoes.
  And just to keep you posted on the real life happenings- Peter blew out another shoe...can't keep him in shoes.  He even tore his sock at this basketball conditioning day- running. "Planted by foot hard and rip."    Maybe my home cooking on Newark-Granville Road is the reason for his growing?