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Thursday, August 20, 2009

FYIs around Granville

Okay- I'm taking the big step- a blog! This could be a bigger time stealer than Facebook if I'm not careful!! There is so much to share, but I'll do my best to make it priorities or things that reflect what is happening in my life at the time of my post. I'll also post a photo that visually shares my sentiments!

Thanks for visiting!!

LIBRARY SURVEY! Please take the time to complete the Library survey. Hard copies are available at the library or go on line to
Your input is vital to helping the Board of trustees make decisions related to the reduction of state funding. Want to get more involved and help make a difference with the GPS- talk to me- there are many ways to assist!
You won't want to miss!

The Robbins Hunter Antique Show on October 3-I have tickets-I'll hand deliver- they're $5 each and include a tour of the museum. AMAZING Antique dealers fill the lawn and offer unique and special items- Kelly Baldwin framed the most beautiful menu's!

Ask me about
First Presbyterian Church has a midweek ministry that is all about
building community and developing relationships- I'm knee deep with that right now so I can't help but post about that. In fact we'll be blogging about LOGOS too- check it out at

And I can't help myself- you all know how much I love
the Works. We had a great time there on Wednesday- I filled the big "new" car with as many kids as it can hold and spent the morning learning, playing and having fun! Membership drive is going on now- great time to renew, buy a gift or encourage a neighbor or friend.

And by the way- the flavor of the week at Whit's- Clare's favorite- Mint Cookie! Enjoy!!

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