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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Looking Forward

Ahhhh- mornings like this are indeed a nice place to be. Granville Fitness provided a great start to my day- spinning followed by yoga.  I decided that in December I was giving myself the gift of yoga- it was hard to make it work in November and I missed it. I need that reminder to live in the moment and the stretching and strengthening my body and focus feels great!  With November's Thanksgiving touch points to ground me (it was an amazing weekend (and month) with family and friends this year  I can't help but look forward to the great things happening in our community and lives this month!  

The spirit of believing is something I hold close- believing in people, communities, bodies, God, attitude and most of all love.  December is all about that and it makes it easy.  Actually I should be saying - the next month is all about that I keep decorations and Christmas fun going until epiphany- January 6, Sally's birthday.  I started this because my mother did it-, as it was my grandmother's birthday- I continue it, as it feels great.  Anyway I'm in a happy place and I wanted to share the why I'm in a happy place and the fun things I'm looking forward to doing...
-decorating- yes I think it is time to take down the orange wreath and find the silver bells! This includes:

-finding our tree- always a very special event as we do this with Joe's brother's family and often (like this year) we combine with celebrating my sister in law's birthday!

-shopping- I save much of mine until this month, as it is fun to shop with Christmas music playing and getting out to see the decorations.  Please shop locals- Columbus friends come to Granville- great stuff here!!  Check out Friday's event at the Pi Phi house- see my list to the right! AND the GES Jingle Bell shop Friday and Saturday- Ryan Reding's key chains are going to be there!

-gatherings- I'm one to love a special get togethers- parties, lunches out (THE GRANVILLE INN is open this month for lunch- hooray!!!), GNO, date night with Joe!! The holidays add a few more and that is something to look forward to...

-Kid fun- the letters to Santa are in progress...hmmmm maybe I'll post mine here, preparation for performance is making everyone smile and sing a lot around here and keeping everyone focused is a bit easier!! The best news is the kids get giving and it is fun to share that with them.

- More family time- the more you have something, the more you want something- I'm looking forward to getting in the car and taking some trips and planning the fun of gatherings in 2010!!!

Yes there is much to look forward to- each day is a gift and there is much to enjoy as we wrap up 2009 and look forward.

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