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Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh the weather outside is......

....making me think of my childhood and smile!  I'm excited my kids are having the opportunity to sled and play like my siblings and I did! All of a sudden memories of sledding at the school's hill from the tennis court and the dog going with us- chasing kids down the hill and stealing hats- are flooding back to me.   One memory was triggered when we drove by our house the other day and Peter declared- "Sparky (our black and white mutt) is sledding at the Pfau's house!"  I quickly turned around and went back...sure enough the dog was having a grand time.  We parked, went over and called his name- poor dog was so confused- he was convinced his kids were bundled up and sledding. He looked from us to the those sledding numerous times before joining us to be escorted safely home.

Saturday night we were having our "romantic" (the word sent the kids happily running to bed) dinner when we noticed across the street- NIGHT SLEDDING! It was beautiful for so many reasons. The various shades of black, white and shadows, the silent happiness that was obvious from the kids energy and gestures, and the parents creation of such a unique opportunity.  It evoked  my memories of "night skiing".  I moved to Altoona, PA when I was a junior in high school.  I was quickly welcomed and embraced into the 3-year high school by some great sophomores.   One of the activities that was a treat for me was ski-club.  My parents were wise to let my brother and me do something they had never done- we learned a new skill that has brought many joys for years after high school and provided opportunity for great friendships. The time at Blue Knob on those evenings were very special and beautiful- just like Saturday Night's night sledding.

I could go on and on, as the memoires are as plentiful of the snowflakes this season! This is just a glimpse of what I'm seeing on Newark-Granville Road this winter!

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