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Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome Summer!

I love this day- the longest day of the year, summer solstice.  But know that I LOVE summer so it makes sense for me to love its first day!  There are so many things about summer I love and the first day is often filled with them. Today we welcomed summer on Newark-Granville Road by embracing the simplicity of the day.  My run with a friend was lovely- much to chat about so it went quickly. The morning was clear with a sparkly sunrise- the dew on the warm grass makes me smile. I was productive at work.  The kids enjoyed a similar pace- checking in mid day and then greeting me with happy counts of their activities that had them enjoying being at home during the daylight hours- they even baked!  We had a dinner with some fish and farmers market broccoli and then headed to the last T-ball practice.  It was a lovely night to watch happy kids and families on the ball field. We wrapped it up with some yummy Whit's frozen custard and again soaked in the beauty of Granville on a warm summer evening.  

There is just something in the air- happiness, a good appreciation of bounty that is coming.  Certainly there are challenges in our world and lives but for some reason today lets me move them away for a bit.  I can simply enjoy the daylight and all it brings, gives and warms.  The evening is peaceful and soft- the day seems is filled with the extra hours I long for- so much to do on Newark-Granville Road and today provides hope, reward, magic and happiness that what needs to get done will.  I hope you've enjoyed this day and the summer brings much bounty!

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