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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Oh to be enjoying a piece of toasted sourdough bread from "LUCKY CAT BAKERY" and my latte with SNOWVILLE CREAMERY milk on a sunny morning- life is good!

I fell in love with the sourdough from LUCKY CAT BAKERY this summer at the Granville Farmer's Market.  We now can order it and pick it up at the Wine Cashe on Fridays!!  The pick up location is good as it is nice to treat myself to a bottle of wine that matches a weekend meal. Last night it was a delicious white burgundy to accompany my cheese fondue contribution to our Columbus dinner club- oh yes YUM!

Snowville Creamery-  This is what milk is suppose to taste like!!  I read about this operation in the Dispatch and a few days latter had a sample at the granville IGA (okay I know it is Ross' Market). I brought it home and I'm hooked!  Thank you Ross' for supporting this wonderful dairy and giving me easy access to some so YUMMY!  I can't wait to make angel pie at Thanksgiving with the heavy cream that comes in a big container.  I'm going to be willing to share or else be making whipped cream to go on everything...hmmm- what a treat for the cousins and their hot chocolate over Tgiving!!

Good thing we're all training for TURKEY TROT!!

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