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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Life Lessons

I'm a big fan of life lessons. Of course their discovery takes time, maturity and other things I don't intend to blog about right now.  What I do want to share is indeed one of my own life lessons- one I'd encourage you to adopt as well.  Never miss the opportunity to take in a Denison Vail Series event!   If you're fortunate to have the accesses to this incredible program that brings amazing performances to Granville- go!

And on that note  the Vail lesson led me to "From the Top" - another opportunity not to be missed.  If it is on the radio, recording in a venue near you or can be downloaded- don't miss it.  You'll have another opporutnity to hear performances that go beyond incredible music- you'll learn, love, dream, enjoy more than you thought possible!  check it out!

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