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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Building community....

Living on Newark-Granville road is a delight but there are some things that would make it even better....a bridge to Raccoon Valley Park which would also mean a bridge to River Road Coffee, Granville Fitness and the other great things offered on River Road....We love to ride our bikes, run and walk into the village but we'd like to go to these other places safely (and riding on Main street isn't an option.)  We love baseball, being able to ride bikes or take a run to see a game is something we'd really like to have happen and thanks to Granville Rotary it may happen! 

Please help make it happen- let our village council members and township trustees know you care and you too want this bridge!

Know a source for funding- let John Weigand know ( or 740 587 1245)-just please do this ASAP- the April 7th Village Council meeting is key- talk to these folks before then- today-lets not miss out on an opportunity to strengthen our community's connectivity.  This bridge project has passed the initial phase of the Ohio Dept. of Transportation (ODOT) funding process.  80% of the funding of the project would be provided by ODOT enhancement grant. 20% of the cost needs to come from our community- great opportunity thanks to Rotary funds and time and coordination.

Interested in knowing more, helping this effort- contact John Weygand or me. My focus is the library levy ( vote May 4th- issue 4!!) however I can't help but spread the word about this opportunity to connect us to one another in active and happy ways.

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