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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Comments on a Classic.

You all know I love Lilly Pulitzer so it won't be surprising to know I love Liberty of London. I'm drawn to happy cheery colors and objects.  My father's Liberty of London ties always have made me smile- even as a child.  When Joe and I were in London a number of years ago a highlight of the trip was finding the Liberty of London store.  The visit is very clear in my mind- I learned a great deal about design and was impressed with the creative, stylish and beautiful things all in one place.  

A few weeks ago my sister in law shared with me that Liberty of London was designing a line for Target. This week I happened to stop by for a quick errand at Target and immediately saw the Liberty dresses for women.  I made a beeline for the children's area and was rewarded with the most darling sundresses and bathing suits.  I wanted to squeal in delight- I think I may have.  I was giddy making my way through the store impressed with all the items with the sweet yet bold, statement making, pretty patterns on fabulous things- tea pots, note cards, blouses....I need to go back- I missed the ties for men!?!

Thank you Target and Liberty of London- I love when a classic is presented in good taste in an inclusive manner!

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