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Sunday, February 6, 2011

February Off to a Great Start!

I think most people know I like a theme.  I like creative and simple themes.  I like when themes can unite and support one another, give options and make connections.  I won't go into analyzing why I like themes but I do.    Last night Cocktails by The Fire was filled with amazing themes that really worked and I want to say thank you to the creators of those themes.  Robert Abbott and Marcia Downes started CBTF six years ago.  I know I attended many if not all of them and they've been fantastic.  It is great to see something like this continue and stay strong!  The point of CBTF is to support the glass blowing art and education that happens @ The Works!  That happened last night and then some- fun was had while learning and engaging- thanks to great people, businesses and themes!

The Highland (scotch) mojito/mint/citrus theme really worked!  The design of the invite kicked us off and Janice LoRaso's talent took it to the next level.  I'm calling the party a success when the guests/donors are eating from the flower arrangements- they're that comfortable and happy. It wasn't because they were hungry- the restaurants out did themselves- amazing food provided by the list in the photo!!

The themes for the year in my life continue to be learning and community. I'm certainly spending time in the right place @ The Works!  It was great to hear Gordon Gee @ The Licking County Chamber event on Friday talk about creative genius and how Americans and Ohioans not only have it but also create it!

February is off to a great start on Newark-Granville road- we're having fun as a family, we're learning and we're excited with the adventures in 2011!  I look forward to sharing these with you on this blog- thanks for reading!

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