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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Full Fabulous February

What a wonderful month. It has been jammed packed with learning, laughing, loving and celebrating. I'm so grateful for family and friends who've shared it all.  Marcia warned us at work @ The Works that it would be a demanding month.  But the beauty is all the energy needed to execute was exponentially returned!  Cocktails by the Fire, Art From the Heart, STEMFEST, the Civil War lecture, Fabulous Fun Fridays, Granville Co-Op's evening and tonight's dinner with The Grill's Deli and Newark-Granville Symphony Voyage of Discovery performance were just the events.  The beauty is the family and friends with me at all of these - it hasn't felt like work!!  February started well and ended better!  The in-between had its ups and downs but some great family times to carry us through- celebrating our anniversary and Joe's birthday with my parents.  We said farewell to basketball season- players and parents- thank you for the fun.  What a lovely place a gym can be in the winter!! We juggle the hours with activities still loving LOGOS and appreciating our time with the friends we consider family. This weekend has been simply beautiful with friend and kid time galore magnified with the sun and outdoor time!  Life on Newark-Granville road has indeed been fabulous in February!

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