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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Here comes summer......

The Granville Leithausers define the start of summer in a number of ways.  Joe considers Derby the start of summer, other seasonal thresholds in our various lives past and present include Memorial Day Weekend, Denison's commencements, kids' school's end and for sure in my book- the opening of the pool, and baseball must play in there some where- may it be Peter's season, The Clippers or maybe the Licking County Settler's season?!  Feels like these things are whirling around us and we're taking them in and keeping up.  For me planting the window boxes and helping get the outdoors prepared is key and I'm ready to do that right now!

Summer signals are just like summer activities- there is a plethora of activities and it is almost too daunting to decide. Analysis paralysis can and has affected me at times.  Those of you who know me well know I love the Myers-Briggs.  I'm a weak J- I like to plan but I can go with the flow.  I like to do my research and create the approach with understanding "the why" we're going to take actions.  I'm certainly in touch with my "P" side  (not p-ness) as I like to look at the possibilities and consider the options too!  Often my desire for closure- to move on to embrace and enjoy the next to-do- drives my decision-making.

I'm at this point with the flowers and summer preparations around here.  I usually like to visit the multiple amazing nurseries we have around here for inspiration and ideas, plus I like to share the financial support.  And truth be told I find these places almost a sanctuary- peaceful, life-giving even celebrating- I love the mix of art, science and commerce all rolled into one...(sound familiar- like my trip to China, like my work at The Works) but for now and to cross something off the list and enjoy the rewards of the effort- we'll start with the window boxes with flowers from one local nursery on this beautiful Sunday morning.  A Sunday morning that I pause to say thank you for the religious freedom, free speech to share my beliefs thanks to the veterans and soldiers that protect and sacrifice for that freedom.   Memorial Day weekend is another time chocked full with opportunities to engage, relax, recreate, play, project and connect in many ways- on Newark-Granville Road we're doing a little bit of it all.

So back to the subject of the intiation of summer- the summer solstice is the true scientific transition.  Our days will continue to get longer and warmer- woo-hoo! Granville Leithausers celebrate June 21, the longest day of the year and look forward to it because for sure by then all things summer will be well on their way and embraced in life on Newark-Granville Road.

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