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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When the Fairies Come to Play......

We believe in fairies on Newark-Granville Road and that is just one more reason we LOVE the summer solstice! Today the girls had so much fun preparing Fairy Gardens with Marcia Downes and the wonderful folks from Wilson's Garden Center at The Works- Curious Kid Tuesday! We wrapped up our day with an ice cream picnic in my favorite part of the yard (lots of moss) under an umbrella (we said it was a toadstool) looking for areas where the fairies will play!  It made me smile and remember my own fond summer nights where it feels like the daylight will never fade and you can be out forever.  The girls just kept going finding more things to do to prepare for the fairies' evening of frolic!  (If you're wondering what Peter and Joe are up to on this special day- baseball of course! We embraced another extended daylight last night as a family at the Settler's game- another lovely way to soak in every minute of sunlight!)

I haven't shared this story on my blog yet- I was waiting for this day- a day to celebrate fairies. I'm so unbelievable grateful for the care that was shown to my family and the assistance provided!!  While we were on spring break this year we had a substitute dog walker.  When we came home (at 3 am) I immediately realized there was something different- the house was clean- cleaner than usual upon our return from a trip.  Our dear cleaning person always does extra while we're gone but I knew there was more instinctively.  And sure enough a note was on the counter, it read:

Dear Leithauser Family- While you were out of town I had FUN doing:  and then there was a list of unbelievable cleaning, tidying, rearranging, organizing, sorting on our 1st floor.  This person put our hallway closet in order by sizes, put items in labeled containers and it appeared as neat and tidy a bed made with hospital corners.  The note was signed "the cleaning fairy"!  So now you see why we all love fairies!  I went to bed that night with my head spinning, my heart soaring in gratitude but I wanted to know who was this cleaning fairy. Had Joe arranged for this help - no. Had a dear friend snuck in and done this- no the one I thought might have treated us- had travelled as well. I figured it out and confirmed it the next day- the substitute dog walker. Her regular clients were out of town, it rained and she couldn't be outside- so she had time and she truly loves to clean, help and organize!  I tell you I hit the jackpot.  It may have been one of the nicest things anyone has done for me.  I never would have accepted the help. I wouldn't of felt the need to add the expense to sign up for this service and to be honest I would of been embarrassed to let this person help in this way.  This wonderful fairy was a true fairy and proof to me that fairies exist in all their enchantment and beauty!  The regular dog walker is this cleaning fairy's business partner and the person who had connected us- a beloved fairy in her own right for working her magic to make sure we were so cared for- as was Sparky Anderson!!

If you're interested in the help of these fairies let me know and I'll put you in touch! They are available for hire and I'm here to say they're worth every penny. They've worked on our basement and garage and been a tremendous help to us this spring. I hope they're having fun and whimsy on this special eve, as it is well deserved!  Folklore states that fairies hate being told 'thank you', as they see it as a sign as one forgetting the good deed done, and want something that'll guarantee remembrance.  I can assure my cleaning fairies they'll never be forgotten- their good deeds stay with me and makes life on Newark-Granville Road all the more magical and special!  

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