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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Art Inspiration

All sorts of art inspiration not far from Newark-Granville Road these days!  Here is a quick run down of why I'm encouraging you to experience:

-Matter of Representation @ The Works: BEAUTIFUL colors, lines, processes, arrangements, subjects make are truly inspirational.  Jeny Reynolds’s reverse glass painting tickles the senses; Karin Dahl's collages provide depth and vibrancy, Jane Heller's colors warm, transport and soothe- what a treat to be surrounded by the art of these local artists.  And you just can't miss Christian Faur's lovely, creative, scientific, original presentation of art with crayons and dollars. It is a treat to take in this art every day- don't miss this show! Join us on Thursday the 20th from 6 to 8 for a reception to celebrate this show's beautiful run.

-Fine Grain by Abram Kaplan at Denison.  This is a must see! The pictures just don't do it justice and take the time to read Abram's story of his journey and the perspective his art plays with his work and life.  I'm a big fan of the countryside, barns, and rows of crops so it isn't a surprise that I like this work.  The presentation is like nothing I've seen and explanation that accompanies the exhibit is thoughtful and insightful, giving me pause and insight I value in my busy life.

-Amy Butler Designs.  Run don't walk to a store today that carries her work. I had the privilege to attend a presentation by Amy tonight at the RHM. Thank you to my friend who encouraged me to take the time to attend. Thank you to my job for making it "work" to attend. The creative entrepreneurial spirit emulating from Amy and Dave is beautiful.  Thank you to all who made tonight possible- what a delight. Tonight's event gave me many pearls!

-The Denison Museum- once again "work" took me to a place that delighted the senses, taught and touched me in ways I didn't anticipate.  The museum's exhibit connected to their 5th year and the traditional wood gift was filled with art and lessons.  The tea exhibit a wonderful showcase that transcends so many cultures and places- take the time on a Tuesday when tea is provided by Petoli!

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