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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas

So this blog is where I encourage Christmas Card recipents to visit to learn more- past posts have addressed this if you scroll down.  I often have ideas, events, thoughts I'd like to share out here but time just gets away from me. There is much going on with us right now- like most of our friends with kids our kids ages, volunteer efforts and full time jobs we love.  This year we added redecorating three rooms in our wonderful old house on Newark-Granville Road just to give us a bit more to do in December, a December that includes 3 kids starting their basketball season.  We certainly weren't thinking when we took on those efforts...but all is good, we're happy and we're glad to be busy, healthy and engaged on Newark-Granville Road.  

I've talked a bit about the 12 days of Christmas with friends and family and will elaborate here. We embrace the "twelve days of Christmas" on Newark-Granville Road, not in any formal way but simply in the way of recognizing it isn't done in a day. Christmas is a wonderful holiday filled with much love and happiness, hope and jo.  We simply want all the effort to get to the point to keep going!  This stems from Susan's childhood.  Life on Forrest Drive or Ridge Avenue included keeping the tree up until epiphany (the 12th day- the day the kings arrive) as it was Gaga's birthday.   The fun on Newark-Granville Road is January 6th is Sally's birthday!

The older we get the more real life shows its challenging sides- too many funerals in December this year. However grace shined and the energy of these beautiful lives live on in our friends’ children and their children and it seems to shine a bit brighter with Christmas.  So now is the time to say Merry Christmas to each of you. Thank you for sharing the beauty of 2011 with us and we hope to see you on Newark-Granville Road in 2012- maybe at our Kentucky Derby party that will return this year-May 5th!! Stay tuned for those details and no doubt it will be here before we know it. But for now we're only 3 days in to Christmas and loving the beauty of the season. 

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