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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Smell the flowers!  February is a great month to stop and smell the roses.  Funny that I ended up with this vase at this point in the year.  I LOVE this for many reasons including:

  • I love where this vase came from (Enzo- fabulous tea house for so many reasons- the owner, the food, the setting, the great conversations I've had there)
  • I love the blue and white, the cut out art work, how it goes with my new decor!!
  • I love that it was on sale!!
  • But most of all I love the sentiment- please smell us....
The sentiment of "taking time to smell the roses"isn't just about appreciating where you are in the moment it is about using all your sense- don't just look, smell- breath deep and this fits into so much of my life's philosophy of the world across disciplines- the liberal arts, working at a center for art, history and science!  It ties to the fact that I am a "jack of all trades and master of none" but I'll save this for another blog some other time!  Back to February....

Lots of great flowers to stop and smell this month!  First and foremost Sarah's 40th birthday! Last week we toast her wonderful milestone- a few years ago we were not sure we'd all get to that point.  I was able to travel to Maryland to be with her beautiful family, have lunch with my parents and breathe in the happiness and joy that surrounds them! We also tasted some amazing flavors too!!

Second, Joe and I celebrate 13 years of marriage- boy has it gone fast!  I'm so lucky to have my this man and all he is and does and creates with me.  I'm grateful for our marriage and all that entails. He truly makes me far better than I am and the past 13 years are truly the best I've had on this journey of life.

And there is so much more- the kids, the friends and other family members, the job, the town, the projects, the sports, the arts, the opportunities, the learning.  My life on Newark-Granville road is a beautiful garden and I love to pick the flowers and savor all they bring!! Thanks for taking in their beautiful scents, sites and what they represent to me.

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