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Friday, April 6, 2012

What I learned on Spring Break

l love to travel. I love to find an adventure. I love history, science, art, good food and family- and I got to do all of this on Spring Break this year.  I came home and find myself not able to stop talking about our wonderful vacation. Therefore the best way for me to get it out of my system so I can move onto my life on Newark-Granville road is to here goes!

We went to Charleston, SC to stay/camp/sleep on the USS Yorktown- a retired Aircraft Carrier.  This has always interested me- I'm kind of a Navy Brat- born in Norfolk, VA- my Dad got out when I was born. Good friends did it two years ago and and the praises so that cemented our decision to join in with our boy scout Super Pack 3 effort to attend.

The Ship- USS Yorktown website1. Staying on board the USS Yorktown was amazing.  I HIGHLY recommend this! It isn't for everyone but if you are OK with rustic accommodations it is cool.  They separate boys and girls and the women get the officer quarters which means we have room to roll over and our in smaller rooms- we shared with two other moms.  I'm so pleased with the Boy Scouts who welcome moms and sisters along so often!! Peter and Joe were in a big group-sleeping situation.  What was amazing is we were able to really soak it all in. Peter really was taken by the Kamikazes.  The USS Yorktown was very active in WWII so much of our learning was about that war (thank you veterans) and also naval engineering including aviation.  he wouldn't of gotten the message about the Kamikazes had it not been for the immersion, the repeat references- video, tour, actual plane, movies.  I won't go into too much more detail. Know that if you are in Charleston you should take the time to go aboard but if you have a youth group that is going for an overnight- make your plans!  Who knows maybe you'll see something in the future about me coordinating it for a group....

2. Charleston is beautiful, historic, filled with rich stories and so much to see, explore and enjoy. The Hunley sub story is wonderful. I thank my co-workers for introducing me to the lesson and engaging the kids with it (you can do this too- summer opportunities at The Works!!)Hunley Web Site- Friends of the Hunley  If you are in the area visit this site!  And then just soak in Charleston's southern charm and food and architecture!
3. We also were able to get our spring break baseball in- thank you Citadel for playing South Carolina in town! We are grateful for friends who let us explore Kiawah- kids couldn't stay out of the cold ocean babies make me smile! WE stopped at Davidson on our way down for breakfast and to explore another liberal arts college- one of the best breakfasts ever....We also had a taste of Mayberry in Mt. Airy, NC- thanks to a text from my brother who was also traveling while we were!4. We enjoyed our timing- home late on Wed which allowed us some happy family time and catch up here. Kids and I went to COSI on Saturday and had a grand time. The new WATER exhibit is really wonderful- I learned some really fun things so Columbus friends take it in!! The exhibit on RACE is interesting and I learned some things about my kids in that one.... parenting isn't easy!Thanks for reading, contact me directly for more info I can share about our great spring break!! I hope you had a wonderful time out/escape/break from it all too!!  Of course the final lesson was simply a great reminder- life on Newark-Granville road is pretty darn good, we're blessed to call it home.

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