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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Here I go again, getting involved in something new, something I can't wait to share! Here are the reasons I'm encouraging you to take a look at this organization- it may or may not be for you but I hope you'll take a look.  And also if you think of someone else that would like to attend- please let me know and I'll invite them or just pass it along!! Here are my top 10 reasons I'm for this effort:

1. It is inclusive- everyone is invited! All ages, all communities
2. It is all about raising awareness about great philanthropic efforts in the community
3. It is democratic- those involved get to vote- we'll educate one another about need in our community.
4. There is room for all- people can share their vote/spot- I can help you find someone!!
5. It is about the math- 100 x 100- wooo hooo- lots of good things can happen with that donation!! What fun it will be to see the non profits receive that gift!!
6. It is about LICKING COUNTY- local local local dollars staying here- local helping local!! This will make my life on Newark-Granville road better
7. It is a grass roots effort with great structure- it works somewhere else and we're bringing it here! (reading this from outside of Licking County Ohio- check and see if your community has one- probably does!)
8. Great leaders- Amanda and Kelli are passionate moms who are leading this effort and I'm impressed and supportive!
9. We'll have a great oppertunity to network, connect, support one another at the same time.
10. We can have a bevie while we vote and we are not required to do volunteer hours....unless we want to I bet the organizational rep can share that kind of info too.....

Take a look and let me know your thoughts and questions. Hope to see you on the 17th!

Have you heard of 100+ Women Who Care, Licking County? It’s an organization for women to support various local philanthropic efforts. We kick off with our first meeting on
April 17th (gathering at 6:30
meeting to take place promptly between 7-8:00)
at the 21st Street Grille
We hope that after reading a bit about us and other Women Who Care organizations around the country you will want to join. This is not an “invitation only” event! Whether or not you decide to become a part of the 100+ (and we hope you do!) please pass the word along to others until this reaches all of the women in Licking County, multiple times! Below are answers to just a few commonly asked questions. We invite you to check out our website for the most complete information:
  • Who are we? Women in Licking County with a common goal of saving and enriching lives here locally.
  • What are we? A giving circle. Individual donors each giving a small amount in order to have a big impact immediately. We strive to be 100 members strong. Each giving $100 dollars a quarter for a total donation to a given charity /non-profit of $10,000. (Team option also available, click here for details.)
  • How does it work? At the meeting we randomly choose three members to pitch their cause. After hearing about the charity/non profit and a short Q & A, we each cast a vote as to which one receives our collective donation. There is no middle person and checks are written directly to the charity chosen. We eagerly await the next meeting when we can hear about the difference our funds made!
  • Why? We live here. We work here. We raise our children here. We want this to be the kind of community that lifts members up and extends a hand to a neighbor in need. Maybe we don’t yet know that neighbor. This is our opportunity to meet her and find out how to help.
  • Benefits to members: An improved sense of belonging and civic engagement, increased awareness of community needs and those organizations that try to meet those needs, a feeling of “doing good”, ability to give strategically and thoughtfully with relatively small effort while obtaining a large impact.
  • Benefits to the community are truly endless. We will enhance associations already helping in the community and enable other opportunities that may need a hand.

It’s about making lives better, in multiples.

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