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Monday, May 7, 2012

I'll Have Another.....

Derby Party on Newark-Granville Road! As 2012's was lovely if I do say so myself.  For one - the preparation was a joy!  I like this party, Joe likes this party, the kids like this party and our friends and family enjoy it and value it too and that sets us up for success.  We've also been doing it for a while now and so it is relatively easy to execute.  The patterns work, the supplies can be re-used and we know what to expect.  Mother nature was particularly kind this year with temperatures, lack of precipitation and ahead of schedule blossoms!

Joe and I are both process and people people- we value how they work together. This party proves that and we have many PEOPLE to thank that executed processes!  I have to thank my parents for all their past care of grandkids so Joe and I could figure out these various processes.  This year the kids stayed in Ohio and my parents came early and worked with us to execute!  Joe and I have a tradition of going out for breakfast on the Friday before, then doing errands like flower purchasing, final errand running, etc....It was delightful to include my parents in that this year. Mom worked hard on the flower boxes so I could cross other things off the list and was great company for the errands while Joe moved on to other tasks!  My Dad and I have the wager process down and a special part of the party for me is when he and I disappear to determine our lucky winners and their winnings!  This year we took it a bit further and enjoyed analyzing the data on Sunday morning!  One third of party goers placed a wager, 12 won, most put money on more than one horse.  (Side note- thanks to my Dad for going with me to work at The Works- he was a big help for my afternoon's project and it was great to have his company and show him the Canal project!)

And then there are our friends and what they do to make Derby work so well on Newark-Granville Road.  Kim's arrival with her own cleaning supplies three hours before party commencement was something I'll never forget. She values the quality time together and has become a consistent supporter of our gathering.  Kelly- thanks for coming over on Sunday- the extrovert in me gains much from processing about the day prior! Otters and Mattimoes- we appreciated your time on Friday!  The hospitality for my sister and brother in law meant a great deal to all of us - 1234 Newark-Granville Road holds a special place in our hearts and now the Christophers too! The texts, exercise, beverages, parking logistics, conversations and assistance with kids are deeply valued and I thank each of you for your support- you know who you are!  

Hugh Price, Kevin Plaugher and Tim Hoffemeister- Common Thread's music touches my sole and makes the event truly beautiful. You are so kind to share your gifts of music, time and friendship with us.  "That Kind of Love" transcends couples and extends to our community gathering in my mind. I heard the song while talking with dear friends and it was the first time in the day I realized my cheeks hurt from smiling.

Gray Griesse and the wonderful gentleman of "The Last Resort” you started the live music component of Derby party and we're so grateful!!  The band sounded fantastic and we're hearing so many positive things- keep us posted on where you are playing- we need to hear you again before the 1st Saturday in May 2013! 

Denise and Walter- what are we going to do without you.... we truly couldn't ask for better neighbors and you are going to be missed. Thanks for bringing the supplies without even asking- knowing what we need and beyond! Your good taste and generosity is deeply valued.  Jack and John were wonderful co-hosts!! All the neighbors that tolerate the parking, noise and who knows what else please know I'm grateful. I'm so glad some of you were able to attend- my kids love your kids and really enjoyed your stopping by!

I must thank Joe Leithauser.  His manual labor to pull the yard together brings a huge smile to my face.  We enjoyed the fruit of his labor last night by dining alfresco on the patio- heaven!  The mulching and weeding that man does in 48 hours is nothing short of miraculous!!  I'm a big fan of the journey- the journey to Derby party is very special.  The RSVPs, assistance and labor provided great joy this year.  The party itself always tickles and inspires.   You all out do yourself with wonderful food and festive attire and spirit of commardarie and old-fashioned fun!  

I continue to be delighted with the follow-up questions and conversations.  The connections we're hearing about are very satisfying and we hope you'll continue to share them with us!  Today's big smile was the Louisville Stoneware julep cup in the mail box- thank you!!!  I also had one for the 1957 cups that were delivered to me at Work on Thursday!!!

I didn't take photos but it doesn't matter- 2012 will be one of those that remain in my memories. And I'm so happy that life on Newark-Granville Road includes this tradition supported by such happiness and love.  There are way more than ten reasons for this party to return in 2013- please remember- once invited, always invites and we hope to see you next year.

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