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Sunday, June 10, 2012

As Promised- Great Finds!

Thank you to our wonderful neighbors for so much, but most recently a gift to welcome Griffey George to the neighborhood! "MAX'S T-BISCUITS FOR DOGS" are amazing! They are amazing because:
-they taste yummy- Griffey loves them
-you can just tell they're homemade, delicious and cute too!
-they are made the the Special Education students at Newark-High School!!!  Their teacher Walter Gloshinski, is leading them in an amazing delicious entrepreneurial effort that is expanding to include people food! Be on the look out for "THE SMILING WITH HOPE BAKERY" breads, hand made NYC pizzas, cookies, muffins, bagels, soft pretzels at the IGA and other Newark locations.  
As I learn more I'll keep you posted on how to support this great effort!  If you want to help directly- give Walter a call at 740 670 7400.

I should really blog about all the great finds that make their way back to Newark-Granville Road.  The farmers market trips always delight me, must haves recently are:
-Green Fix- LOVE IT!  I get the raw (no apple juice) while I walk around and take home my pint for the week!Katie McKivergin-Organic GreenFix (740) 404-9423
-Mrs. Dilbone's produce- I am still craving the Arugula from her garden. She sets up at the Granville Farmers Market all the way at the "back" near Denison entrance.
-Lucky Cat Bakery- I missed them this week- sniff sniff- the sourdough is like no other!
-Village Meats- eggs and pepper bacon!!
I could go on and on but won't- thank you to all our amazing entrepreneurs, farmers who are truly scientist, business people, hardworking labors, creative marketers- you inspire and delight me each week!

So much more I could blog about including the amazing things happening in my life on Newark-Granville Road! Denison's reunion was awesome and reminded me how lucky I am to live in such a wonderful, inspiring place!! 

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