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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Good News About Glitter!!

The good news about glitter is it never really goes away.  You find a bit here and there and it takes you back to the fun and festivity! It REFLECTS the beauty and joy of what it was there to do.  On Newark-Granville road HATSOFF has filled our lives for some time.  It is reflected in this blog as so many great things have been happening on NG road but I haven't start up- see photo, baptisms, important birthdays of dear friends a 1st and a 50th and so much more!

Anyhoo- back to glitter- found this fun quote: Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is.   Mae West 

Reality is I'm not really a glitter girl but I had fun with it for this important event.  I'll update the last blog post with the results and how the top ten things worked out for HATSOFF! this year but what I really want you to know is about the personalities that made HATSOFF the success.  This year we had an incredible team of volunteers leading the effort! We also had an amazing staff supporting and working with this group and being very present to execute the event on Saturday.  And rounding it all out to make it work, more volunteers to help pull it off and then donors- everyone that attended, gave an item, provided in-kind efforts- it all pulled together to create a shining success to highlight and light up our beloved community gem- The Works!

Pat and Linda Jeffries- our chairs!  Wow- what a pleasure to work with these two happy, dedicated, engaging leaders in our community.  They made it easy and fun the whole way.  Pat said he wanted this to be the best and biggest one yet and he did it.  True leader, great team together and with others- my hat goes off to them and I'm grateful. I'm also so fortunate to call them friends.

Dan and Emily Wilson- another dynamic duo!  Dan led production - this team accepted the challenge to grow and develop this event beyond where it was.  His partnership with Dave Fryman and the team (Fred Nickerson, Ted Handel, Dave Shull and many more) was a delight to see in action. The ideas, the conversations, the brainstorming, the execution- pure gifts, talent and creativity in motion!! Dave's history and heritage added an invaluable element. His witt and care brought much success.  Dave made me smile and connected ideas and concepts like no one else!  Emily jumped in and joined the team adding her expertise and access, vision and energy- we lucked out in so many ways. Emily partnered with Kristen Stare- could there be a nicer more talented person! Kristen's style matched Emily and the two executed the theme in away I never could of imagined! Kristen's low key nice approach was so valuable as well!  This whole committee was amazing- Ted Handel's partnership has to be noticed- his love of The Works is so valuable!

Erin Kennedy was a wonderful asset to the team leading by example and inspiring every day! Her presence and perspective never dimmed!  What a joy to have on the team and part of this special journey! Deb Kohman's connections delighted and moved us beyond where we've been. Another impressive person with passion for this wonderful community and county!  Although not on the executive committee- Mary Kurek took ownership and dazzled us with the fun Wall of Wine chance area!! Mary is one of the kindest nicest people I know and supports The Works so very well!

Danielle Ford-I've been lucky enough to know Danielle for years- in fact HATSOFF 2003 (the 1st one) was the start of that friendship. Her commitment, approach to being hands-on where ever needed, her insight and talents make the Works what it is!  The silver she polished didn't outshine her contributions, what a blessing to have Danielle's leadership and elegant inspiration.

Janice and Jenna were key members of the team and their personalities and behind the scenes work served as the glue that allowed the glitter to do what it needed to do!  Both of these women have hit their stride at The Works helping with HATSOFF in their specific ways but in all WORKS efforts- we're lucky to have them interacting, leading and inspiring staff and volunteers!

Marcia Downes- what an innovator, imagineener and leader that reflects what we all want to be- passionate, caring, fun and creative!

I could go on and on but I'll stop- HATSOFF! 2012 was a showstopper thanks to these personalities and their work!!  The event was far from perfect and we'll continue to apply lessons learned as we have in the past.  We are grateful to those that worked so hard to get us to the point of success- past HATSOFF chairs and committee members as well as current and past WORKS board members! We appreciate all the donors and volunteers and staff - we couldn't do it without them.

It is time to put the glitter away but I look forward to finding it again when I least expect it or when I need to dig in for the lessons there and I know the shine of the evening will carry the Works for quite some time.

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