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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Top Ten Reasons to attend HATSOFF! Reflection.Imagination. Innovation.

Updating on Sept 24th!!  HATSOFF! was a great success- not only in fundraising, but friendraising and FUN in fundraising!  Funds were raised but the energy and warmth radiating from the Works museum and tent that night were amazing!  Joe and I shared a few favorites yesterday and there they are:

Life on Newark-Granville Road is ALL about HATSOFF! these days! Here are just a few reasons you'll want to join Joe and me on September 22nd for this special event that supports a special place- THE WORKS: Ohio's Center for History, Art and Technology!

10. You might win the raffle for the 1 + carat diamond that Myers and Pugh Designer Jewelers, Inc has generously donated (note you don't have to be present to win but it would be so much more fun if the winner was there! $25 raffle tickets (5 for $100) will available soon! Let me know if you want one- I'll deliver!  Raffle tickets are gambling so no tax benefit BUT you do support The Works and have a chance to win a BIG DIAMOND!

Watching Tammy Nickerson win this was AWESOME! I jumped up and down when I heard her name called!  Tammy does wonderful things in the community and her husband Fred was a key part of the team that took HATSOFF! to the next level. The fun jewelry chance addition was great and we're so pleased to have partners like Mike and Kevin from Myers and Pugh and their great team on board!!  They deserved this win!!!

9. Silent Auction- AMAZING things- things you can't get anywhere else, OK maybe in California or if you go out to Itsy some of the very talented artist have pieces there- but of course the most wonderful thing is if you buy something, you are supporting The Works and you get a tax deduction!  We're so grateful to our donors- by the way if you still want to contribute- I can help you do that- GREAT way to support The Works and connect good folks with your products, services, location, etc....

We broke our own record with income and I have to say it all LOOKED incredible too- what fun to see how they were presented!  Amazing donations, amazing connections and all for a great cause that showcase the good donors and their products and services and support THE WORKS!! And lucky me Joe surprised me with the Ginny Sharkey painting- my first, our YMCA membership woo hoo and Pearly Vine Sweater and scarf I'll be wearing a lot- trading the glitter in for color again!

8. Wall of Wine - we love to play @ the Works and this is a game!  You'll pick a bottle from a wall- you won't see what kind of wine it'll get a chance to go home with something yummy- anything from Dom Perignon to something from a private collectors cellar!  Even if you get two buck chuck you'll be part of the fun!

Okay- WOW this was cool! Mary Kurek made it work- oh did she make it work! The way it was presented was beautiful- another way to showcase our theme! The women working this area sold out their bottles quick quick quick.  I was able to watch the woman who won the Dom Perignon and that was another highlight- she was tickled and so happily delighted- as was her host- Erin Kennedy- if Erin couldn't win (She deserved it) it belonged with her family!!

7. Be the first to see Aminah Robison's Life Journal's A Historical Collection exhibit @ The Works!  And Aminah may join us for this special event! This award winning artist aligns with the Works mission to journal and celebrate history and community!  Hammond Harkin Galleries is a special supporter and we're grateful for their partnership for this exhibit in Licking County!

And it is an exhibit you don't want to miss and you'll want to see a number of times- not to mention the events that go along with it. Aminah was wonderful, so gracious and inspiring.  This was a special part of this year's event!! Art deserves a special place for HATSOFF and the gallery made us all proud and represented what THE WORKS is all about- Aminah is a visual historian!!!

6. Night out like no other- the museum will be decorated to showcase the theme and shine- it will be this way only once and you won't want to miss it!  Dinner is provided by LMH and for the first time will be a seated served dinner- you won't want to miss it!! Beverages will accompany the evening and help us celebrate in style! An incredible committee is working hard- we can't do it without these fantastic volunteers!

YUM!!! LMH rocked it like no other- our filet and shrimp, creative and delicious appetizers. What an elegant and special evening.  Not only was it wonderful for guests- great for volunteers and this party planner.  I can't thank LMH's Brian, Colin and Krista enough- they worked hard and made our lives during HATSOFF so much easier!! The same goes for the decorations- wow- the ladies' rooms were killer.  The museum sparkled and just looked gorgeous!!

5. Opportunity to stay at The Newark Metropolitan Hotel for a special rate of $119 that includes brunch the next morning, a shuttle service- what a fun place to return to and keep the party going at Elements!  GREAT HOTEL!!!! Fun to see downtown so alive and well- we stayed Friday and Saturday- the place was happening.  Comfy and updated- what a treat!!

4. Dancing to the The Randy's- Columbus' eclectic band that gets you moving.  The band didn't disappoint- we just didn't get enough time with them....oh well- the auction was fun too!!

3. Live Auction- amazing items to bid on that you won't find anywhere else- dinner parties, boat cruises, artwork, travel opportunities!!  Gail Hogan will be on hand from Daytime Columbus to emcee the event. The support The Works receives on these items is awesome- don't miss it!! Can't get there for some important reason- talk to me or friends and we can help you with bidding in abstention!

OMG- what a night- such support from our community for The Works! Sam and Debbie from Appletree, Gail Hogan from Channel 4 and our own chair- Pat Jeffries made it all work!  But our donors and bidders and cheerleaders raised funds to keep the Works working well!!! The coolest thing was many items ended up being doubled so we had lots of lucky winners and get to say double thanks to our donors!

2. Spend the evening with amazing people! Our wonderful sponsors are filing their tables, the RSVPs are coming in with wonderful folks-it is going to be the place to be on Sept 22nd and you are not going to want to miss this evening.  Pat and Linda Jeffries and their committee chairs be wonderful hosts!!!  Yes sponsorships still available!!!

Amen to this one- we met our goal and filled all our tables- the bigger tent paid off and we're grateful.  The interesting, fun, engaging, beautiful inside and out crowd gave an energy like no other- the leadership set the tone and it all came together!!

1. The Works: Ohio's Center for Art, History and Technology depends on this event and the funds raised- every donation (tickets, auction item, sponsorship, donation, volunteer hour) makes it happen and allows this interactive learning center where people of all ages can have fun and be inspired by the history, technology and artistic accomplishments of the communities we serve. Over 60,000 guests including schools from 16 counties connect with cross discipline learning in fun creative and ways that includes amazing partnerships with industry and businesses in the area!  Be there on September 22nd to experience it first hand and learn more!!

Good things are happening at The Works- but it only can happen if we bring in support like HATSOFF! 2012 did!  We showed a beautiful video put together by Gene Warman Productions- I can't wait to show it to you- it highlights our past, present and future so very well! We played the video at the dining room table on Newark-Granville Road and the kids were pulled in- they agreed with the quotes from those interviewed and added their own thoughts about our very special place, The Works!

For details visit or call me at 614 507 0751 and I'll give you all the details and help connect you to HATSOFF! 2012!  thanks for reading!!

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