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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween- lots of opportunity for fun!

Silly giddy- that is how I  am describing my kids on Halloween week.  God bless all those that teach and lead our children this week.  It hit all three of my kids last night- Halloween- is really going to happen.  They could do nothing but talk about what they're wearing, trick or treat strategies, the parties at school, etc....Don't get me wrong- I love the fun this holiday brings too but wow it takes energy.  Coming home last night to our lit jack-o-lanterns (all named by the kids) made me smile. I could go on and on about the neat things that happen around this time like how much easier those little saws and scoopers make it to produce jack-o-lanterns!

The real reason I'm blogging about Halloween now is to call attention to the candy collection happening on MONDAY- Nov 2 at our dentist's office.  Ben Jump's practice is continuing the fun of this holiday and my kids can't wait!  For every pound of candy you bring in, you receive a dollar and a raffle ticket.  The raffle's prizes are motivating my kids to say "I'm not going to give all my candy to the troops".  Yes the candy collected will be shipped to US troops in Afghanistan. The Works will be on hand with their letter writing station so notes can go with the candy.  It is going to be a fun night that benefits many- most of all me in two weeks with an empty candy jar.  Please help us spread the word.

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