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Monday, May 17, 2010

Figure Eights...

I'm sure you've heard (or read) my thoughts on life being "figure eights" and I'm looping back to another side...I'm returning to work.  I've loved being on the "stay at home mom" side of the 'eight" these past five years- I've made amazing friends, enjoyed fabulous time with the kids and family and engaged in our community in ways work didn't allow.   My theory on "figure eights" is also the motion- we're in motion, we're not standing still, we're drawn to things, we move away from things only to often return.

My figure eight motion right now not only draws me back to work, but to a place my family loves- THE WORKS! We come and go a great deal from this key place in our central ohio community.  I'm in week two and grateful for the opportunity to serve, learn, play, build and benefit.  The kids are excited and supportive. It is all happening and falling into place with such ease thanks to great care providers/friends that know the kids!  I'm grateful for the kind words, offers to assist and celebrate this exciting time for the Leithausers on newark-granville road. I'll keep you posted on this new perspective!

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