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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Derby Wrap Up.....

****Dishes left at Derby can be picked up in the green house- door is open! We still have some "earnings" to distribute!!  THANK YOU to everyone for the amazing participation- food was fabulous, kids just darling playing and engaging with one another and another fun race.  This event is something we love to do. We missed friends will ill kids, sporting events, etc...1st Saturday in May 2011 - save the date for the fun again!  Anyone who missed the race or wants more details visit:

Derby is extra special when it not only falls on the 1st Saturday in May but also the 1st day in May!  The strawberries are dipped in chocolate,  the mint is steeping in the simple syrup and the kids are out to their activities (thank you Nana/Pap and friends) and the calm before the storm has settled I dare type that with the forecast?!! On Newark-Granville Road I'm getting ready to put on my rain boots and help ward it off- we're prepared with our tent and will figure out what we need to do with what the day brings! Looking forward to sharing this special, fun day that brings really good people together.

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