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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank you and Ahhhh.....

"Let out our breath" Ahhhhh- that is what I'm feeling this morning.  A fellow board member (who also lives on Newark-Granville Road) summed up my own feeling very well with the point about letting out our is wonderful to have the community's participation and support to pass the GPL library levy! The shared work continues with the upcoming strategic plan and other library business! I'm also so happy for our over all community-Licking County Library's levy passed too- hoorayyyyy!

On a personal note I'm so grateful for this amazing learning opportunity. I've gained so much insight and perspective on individual's talents and gifts, leadership and group dynamics- things that fascinate me. The opportunity to serve Granville and assist with the Licking County campaign has taught me things that will stay with me and serve me well.

I feel for the many that worked on levy campaigns that didn't pass.  Don't give up- take the passion and care for your organiztion or cause and keep going! One of my lessons in the past few months is that the challenge of finding funding is like the search for the perfect golf swing, runner's high, the dog chasing his tail- it is never ending, unique and the reward is in the pursuit!

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