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Monday, September 20, 2010

Across the Generations....

On Saturday I watched Newark-Granville Rd neighbors do the sweetest things. I was touched and proud.  I was at Sharon Brook retirement center with Miss Linda's piano group.  We try not to pass up these life lessons of performance.  I'm grateful for this low-key approach. When I took piano lessons at Clare's age it was a big recital only once a year and I'd get so nervous.  Linda gives the children opportunity to play in a big living room with friends and residents scattered and appreciative.  

So this event in itself makes me happy, as I know the residents and staff appreciate the interaction across generations and the gift of live music.  Saturday held an extra moment of beauty.  A young boy walked in and immediately made friends with an older woman in a wheelchair watching the birds.  His mother and brother moved on to the music area but this child stayed and engaged in conversation- nice.  Later he was encouraged to help push her chair to be closer to the music.  She then asked if he would like to sit on her lap. The child said- do you want me to? The woman said- if you want to it would be nice.  The child gently put himself on her knees and allowed her to embrace and take in the beauty that filled all of her senses.  They talked quietly and observed the recital.  The joy on this woman's face stays with me. Not only did the child's comfort across generations touch me easy but his mother's ability to allow this exchange. Our world is filled with terrible things that don't easily allow these caring moments to happen-I was lucky to witness this beauty first hand and I'm glad it connected to Newark-Granville Road.

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