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Monday, September 27, 2010

Lucky me......I had the opportunity to venture off Newark-Granville Road this weekend.  I love the fabulous touchstone this road has become and all that it provides- support, shelter, protection and love. I've always enjoyed travel but juggling the realities of our busy lives limits how much I go beyond home base. This provides great joy and appreciation for trips when I do make the investment in the opportunity. The payoffs are fabulous so I can't help but share!

Just home from NYC where I wasn't far from Newark-Granville road as friends from Granville provided the opportunity and encouragement to make the trip.  The chance to take in the energy, incredible sights, and the time to just be with good people was truly priceless. The ideas and inspiration and conversation and celebration simply filled me.  The logistics involved with the multitude of processes that run that city amaze and astound- it is humbling. The lesson of the weekend from stepping away- hospitality matters and all I benefitted from this weekend are amazing- relationships are sweet and robust and are keys to happy lives.

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