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Monday, September 6, 2010


Hello friends!

I hope you've had a great labor day weekend!  I'm working with the fabulous HATSOFF co-chairs and volunteers to put finishing touches on our HATSOFF efforts including guest list (so please send in your reservation by mail or on line and our catalog for the auction!  I've talked to a few of you about auction items and will follow-up with paperwork and pick-up times! Anyone else who has something they like to donate to this effort I'd greatly appreciate it.  This really is a great way to showcase your business and help an important cause.  Most of us can find someone way to donate to this event- parties, services, favorite items, artwork, tickets- the fun of auction is connecting people to exciting opportunities and services, but this only happens because of great donors.  I love to help people create creative and innovative contributions!

HATSOFF! is a significant fundraiser for The Works to benefit operations- operations that have a tremendous impact in our community.  My last few months working at The Works have provided insight into all the amazing things The Works provides for people of all ages-learning, interacting and connecting to history, art and technology.  Not to mention the contribution it provides in downtown Newark- our county seat.  (on that note this Friday is Music in the Courtyard- Tom Caroll and friends are entertaining).

HATSOFF on October 2nd will be wonderful.   This event delights each year and truly gets better and better building on efforts of past volunteer efforts- like the Works itself!  Leigh Ann and Brooke (co-chairs) are creating an elegant and festive venetian holiday we'll all enjoy.  Some things to look forward to on October 2nd:

-family style, seated dinner- the menu sounds delicious and great wines from small italian vineyards have been matched to the traditional italian meal.
(get a group for a table- let us know who- or let us know some input and we'll build a great table- we can do this for singles too!!)
-live auction with art that will wow by local favorites including Paul Hamilton and Don Gunnerson!
-chance- always new and creative- masks this year will give access to Meyers and Pugh's donation!
-silent auction that always has items you won't want to miss
-live music by an incredible band that has been featured at the Italian Festival in Columbus.
-and always people that make The Works and our community what it is- a place to learn, play and create!

Questions, ideas, thoughts- please let me know!!  Can't attend- let me know and I'll help you access the catalog and connect with someone to bid for you!!
THANK YOU for your assistance and support of this community gem.


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