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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yin and Yang

Today was a yin yang (eastern term, westerners add the "and") day.  I woke up with mixed feelings- sadness and happiness, dread and anticipation, desire to savor the day and to slow it down at the same time wanting to fast forward to Sunday morning.  The Yin Yang did its magic and happiness prevailed.

The funeral of a dear volunteer at the Works, a friend and co-worker's father was not something I thought my day would begin with and something I wasn't "looking forward" to attending. However it was beautiful.  Roy's life was all about giving and serving and therefore his funeral was the same.  I'm so impressed and touched by the fire fighter's tradition and protocol for honoring the deceased.  It all ties together and makes sense and is a gift to experience.  It was a lovely way to say farewell to a man who touched so many in behind the scenes important ways.

The next order of business was work, but the beauty for me that too exemplifies yin yang - is this kind of work is fun!  I prepared for a fundraiser event. I was the hostess of a party that my friends designed that showcased two great components of the Works: the glass studio and the courtyard during cocktail time!!  5:30 to 7:30 pm wonderful people gathered to do nothing but support the Works, enjoy some appetizers, drinks, one another's company,  and FANTASTIC music that set the stage- all while being inspired by the Works glass stuido!

There were many many other components that filled the day with positive energy- I won't go into those now, I'm happy to share with you in person. Know that the evening ended with belly laughter that would make Buddha proud and a peaceful contentment in your blogther (author of the blog) that will allow me to sleep so well on Newark-Granville road.

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