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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day in the life of Development Director

I love my job. I'm a lucky person to be learning, applying past experience and skill sets, connecting with amazing people-staff and volunteers on behalf of a place and effort I feel passionate about and believe in it's cause- The Works, Ohio Center for History, Art and Technology! I posted on Facebook that I would "blog" about the fun filled development day I had on Tuesday this week so here it is!

A wise woman once told me- the fun of development is you never know exactly how your day is going to go and most often you're pleasantly surprised and rewarded with what is presented. Tuesday proved her point so well.  On Tuesday @ the Works I:

1. attended a volunteer meeting in the Interuban Car- great place for lots of fun things- birthday parties.  Love that my job lets me say "all aboard" "woooo wooooo"......
2. Toured the Heisey Glass Musuem with good folks!  WHAT A GREAT musuem- lots of learning about Newark history, glass history, glass serving and decorative pieces.  The video is so worth watching! Thank you Janice for coordinating!
3. Curious Kids was extra special- we had goats, a darling favorite well behaved dog named Barnbus and cool learning about equine vetiniary science!
4. Wonderful donors came to visit and purchased a paver- new item in our office- looking forward to helping honor the history they want to place on this big brick!
5.Drive Alive is coming exhibit for September- great committee and staff making this a reality- such a treat to connect with smart talented passionate people!
6. Tweat-up! Got to know the names and posts I see on Twitter- good people again connecting in a fun way!  We even played Hide and Go Seek (my children inspired the idea!!)  Nothing like watching and participating in old fashioned fun @ The Works!
7. But the highlight was hearing from some of the staff directly their connection and inspiration to the musuem- very heartfelt stories that I will share in the future some way some how.....

Yes I slept well that night!! My desk was a mess as the piles only grew and the papers became scattered but it was worth it. I love the days when I return to Newark-Granville Road with connection and inspiration about my work and this wonderful community my familty calls home.

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