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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fun Full Week of Life

ahhhhhh- summer vacation is launched.  Life on Newark-Granville Road was particularly full and beautiful this week and we couldn't of done it without friends.  I'm grateful for the friends that helped execute the week, the friends of VBS, Camp Falling Rock, The Works and my own friends who walked along with me (literally too- am exercise was GREAT!)

My dear friend Tina lost her Dad and I'm sorry not to have been back in Altoona to share this farewell. Jerry Wayne was a good man with a beautiful family and he will be missed.  I know others have been in this situation recently and I keep them all in my prayers.

Not only did the kids have amazing weeks with VBS and Cut Scout Camp at Camp Falling Rock- I enjoyed my moments at both of these places.  I was able to share my prayers of thanksgiving and requests for assistance and guidance in beautiful places that were not planned.  If you ever get the chance to engage at this camp off of rt 79- please do so!!  If you can help in any way with Granville Ecumenical VBS- please do so- my life on Newark-Granville road is all the richer because of my fun full week!

And of course there was much much more going on- the 1st swim meet, baseball- big game today- 3:30 shiner tourney- library board meeting, Works board meeting, Giving Society Party at the Works, friend time, my parents came to visit!!! and so much more.....Thursday night was one of those crazy mom times- car sickness, kids reaction to car sickness, broken down cars, late arrivals and drop-offs.....and I was actually able to smile my way through and embrace the crazy life I live.  People ask how I do it and the answer is simple- friends!  And yes Mr. Dewar is a friend that helps too! We are so fortunate to have such friends in this community.

I hope you all find joy and happiness, comfort in this life full of warmth and love and fun!

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