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Monday, September 14, 2015

Book Club's List for 2015-16

Christmas came early- the book list is here!  What a delight to gather around the table and share, recommend and select books for a year of reading. Books we wouldn't pick up on our own. Books some will like, love and dislike (we rarely hate).  Books that keep me reading a chapter at a time or in long car rides.  The extrovert in me will have an enhanced and more rewarding book experience thanks to the discussion with these intelligent, thoughtful, smart, caring women.  Thank you all that read with me, discuss with me, read along with me and value this list and our process. Life on Newark-Granville Road was all about the books tonight!  The theme was non-fiction when it came to the recommended list- ask me for the spreadsheet I'll email you!  We enjoyed some delicious sweets and a few savories too!  Griffey was given attention and my family recognizes the importance of groups gathering around the table and reading all in one! Here it is….the 2015-16 Book Club list.  Email me and I'll send you the spreadsheet with authors.

October-The War that Saved My Life- we start with young adult/ coming of age
Nov-Brain Rules or The Organized Mind pick one of these brain books!
Dec-Three-Eight Charlie- Jerrie Mock's Travel Log of her record setting flight around the World!! 
Jan-So Long a Letter- we're going to Senegal!
Feb- Lila- Fiction
Mar- Americanah-Fiction
April- All the Light We Cannot See- yes
May- Half the Sky-important read- non fiction
July The Bookman's Tale- book lovers book
Aug-The Things They Carried- our classic
Sept- read to recommend for the year - read from the recommended list!

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