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Friday, September 4, 2015

emotional rollacoster this week….thank you bloggers.

Some times I don't have the words. I'm grateful when others do…..Denisonian posted this about our week- how I love the connection and support from the whole Denison network, the community all over- this is why I'm back working at Denison.

This is the  blog I posted on Facebook- fascinating and helpful for me.  I have my ups and downs but feel so fortunate for my mental and physical health. I want to help and understand others- this is a start:

I am thankful to these bloggers- for sharing so honestly.  And here is another reason why…..

Wendall's suicide does not take away all the wonderful, beautiful things about him. I do have peace to celebrate and honor him.  However I do not have peace about the alarming increase in suicide.   We do have to talk about it, help those with mental health needs and do something.

Life on Newark-Granville Road has ups and downs. I'm grateful for the relationships I have to help, hold, celebrate, cry, grow, give and be.

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