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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We're going on a trip....

in our Martha/ Emerites rocket ships...flying all the way to In-dee-ah!  Yes the time has arrived, we're off to India!  Many know about this and then gosh someone doesn't know. So here it is!

Why India.  It started with the trip to Africa! Wow- yes Africa.  Clare figured out the immunizations were good for ten years and she said-where next?  A seed was planted.  Then Clare took to the Global Scholar program.  Wrote a paper comparing the economies of India and Brazil and she liked the subjects.  Then she wanted to go on one of the trips related to the program and we didn't want to just send her. Part financial decision, part selfish- we wanted to share the adventures and ah-ha moments.  So we said no to that trip but yes to a family trip.  We had family discussion and even a vote.  Usually life on Newark-Granville Road is ruled by benevolent dictatorship- a bit of democracy made its way.  Four of five of us voted for India.  Joe (the nay vote) vetoed Europe- it will be there.  He would of preferred something in South America- oh well.  He avoided India for work and now we're going on our dime. We both could of added work but made the focus about family.  Note we'll travel as Denison alums and have Denison field hockey shirt for our driver!

So there you go....we've had fun preparing. My first pow-wow was with Sarah Levell! What a lovely visit that was with so much information and built the excitment I needed to assist Joe. He has had many many colleagues at work weighing in, even actually planning the trip on our behalf.  A Denison parent gave key advice on the flight. More colleagues and our hosts in Chennai (2nd cousin Andrew Hoover and his wife, Granville native, Kay Clarke) met us in Granville with their kids to provide reassurance, help anticipate on the ground tactics. This was most helpful for the kids.  It is all coming together.  We have the guide books, the itinerary, inoculations (we needed a booster- Sally had 3 shots to prep), new cell phones that will work in India, electronics that can be stolen (or better said if they are it won't be heart breaking) and a wonderful house sitter.  We have protien bars so no one starves, books on the kindel, music, movies all downloaded and plans for making up the homework- teachers/schools have been sooo supportive!  I think we're ready to go!

To post or not to post....I was all about going Cuba style- no communications...but the kids really want to share, document, chronicle and I want them we will do some of it at times.  I'll be limited without my phone.  Part of this next two weeks for me is about being in the kids moment. Taking a vacation from work and a trip with my family.  And what a trip it will be off of NG Road and around the world to India!  I look forward to what I will have to share on the blog later in October.

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