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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Freeze Time, Savored it all.....

It is Sunday night and I wish I could do the whole weekend all over again.....what a lovely lovely weekend!  Often I write out here my desire to freeze time and tonight I repeat the sentiment. The blog lets me capture a special time in our lives on Newark-Granville Road.  Clare's 16th birthday weekend, added to Granville's Homecoming, mix in fun Denison visits by a classmate and family, good fall weather all with wonderful setting of Granville, Denison, Moundbuilders Country Club and good friends here and family and friends chiming in from doesn't get much better!

Do you remember turning 16?  I really didn't think I did until just now!  Now I do remember!! How could I forget....oh dear.  I've been busy, really busy.  When I've talked about this with my Mom and my sister the memory didn't engage.  And now with lots of to-dos crossed off and happy thoughts of Clare's big day memory is here.....The Romantics Concert!! Mercersburg Friends, Ocean City, MD...babysitting with a dear family and they let me go out on my birthday to the concert! The life guard near us at the show, the life guard on our beach while I played in the sand with the kids, shopping in Rehobeth....what a wonderful summer!!  I remember my sister's 16th birthday- surprise party with family friends- Phil and Sarah turing 16- Altoona, PA did parties well!

And so we made a memory for Clare this weekend.  We used our beloved Moundbuilders Country club to host dinner for nine friends. The nine friends in her group going to Homecoming.  Her dress- gold and white- was the decor theme and Hobby Lobby made it easy!  She let me bake her a chocolate cake, Angie and Rodney provided the perfect menu items.  She beamed, she glowed, she was sweet and happy and our darling sunshine.  Lovely lovely night and we enjoyed all who were with us!

Peter and his group had a grand time too.  Hip hip hooray for the Mom that shared the limo from another event/celebration- birthday fun- and got this cute group of freshman boys to the local pizza place and then the dance in style!  How nice for Peter.  Bonus he was in a suit another dear friend's son had outgrown and we put it to good use.  He looked so handsome!!

Sally dressed up and joined us for dinner and event execution, taking pictures and asking lots of questions.  She has been my trooper and assistance quite a bit this fall. It is how she processes and with the India trip coming up she pulls a bit closer.  It is sweet and I savor the relationship.

Bonus this weekend was Denison classmate in town with her darling family.  We shared drinks at the Inn and enjoyed her husband very much. Denison football game introduced us to her daughter who will make Denison home as part of the Class of 2021! We love these opportunities to share and show this special college on the hill...down the road.  Last weekend it was sharing a classmate's induction into the Varsity D hall of fame and meeting his beautiful family.

Church, shopping, a 5K run for Joe and Clare, baking and frosting the cake, a drive in the convertible, reading a good book, watching Peter play baseball, sleeping with the windows open, bringing out fall decor- the glass pumpkins and such, walking the dog holding Joe's hand while the sun sets....yes life on Newark-Granville Road was pretty special this weekend. I wish I could do it all over and freeze this time in our lives.  But that won't happen but I'll linger with it on the blog.  Thanks for reading!

Happy Sweet 16th Clare
Freshman Boys go in style- thanks Brautigans HC16

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