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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fathers Day Reflections

It is Father's Day and of course I have to say happy FD to the wonderful Fathers I have.  Michael W. Stoner is pretty awesome.  I'm so happy to say I saw him last week! I was in DC for work and went to Hagerstown to sit on the porch during cocktail hour with my parents and catch-up! Mom made a great dinner and the night wrapped up with 5 and 5- my Dad and my ritual.  You rub my shoulders and I rub yours- we've done it for years.  It evolved from when he would pay me a quarter to rub his back and the objective was to get him to fall asleep.  It had been too long since we had seen one another- Christmas! And his pneumonia bought complicated by his MDS made this way too long since we were together.  My broken ankle had a part the delayed reunion.  I was soooo happy to be there.  It made this Father's  Day all the easier.

I am aware of so many that are missing their fathers on fathers day and I count my blessings.  I am aware of women who have lost men that are fathers. My heart goes out to so many.  At church today I reflected and prayed for many many in these situations.

I am thinking of my dear father-in-law, Jim, today.  80 years old and doesn't look a day over 63- always enjoy the chance to chat and benefit from his care and hospitality.  He dices, chops, cooks with care and I'm always grateful.

While in DC I attended the funeral of a wonderful father- Charlie Baumgardner.  The world lost a special man when he died unexpectedly from a heart attach.  I'm fortunate in my role at Denison to have engagement with amazing Dads.  Dads that support their students and the school and other students. I see their engagement with their children's roommate's, teammates, professors and fellow parents. Charlie was the diamond in this jewel box- he sparkled with love, enthusiasm, passion for his children, their friends, and all he met.   I adore his wife, who supported me from day one in my role. He supported her and welcomed me to a part of his Denison family and shared his beautiful story that connected to OH-IO!  I'll always be grateful.  I met his daughters and friends and was honored to celebrate his life with them on Wednesday in DC.  Extra thoughts and prayers to the Baumgardner kids and Marie today.

Life on Newark-Granville Road right now- freeze time- here we are at the kitchen table...loving time honoring my children's Father- Joe.  We're making dinner to celebrate, hanging out, looking at old pictures. Joe is coaching Peter in his grilling work.  Joe and Peter updated us on golf this am.  Clare told us about her basketball camp trip to Louisville.  We'll have pecan pie Sally made for Joe with beloved Barbara. We're a family and I am grateful this is my partner and my children's patriarch.

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