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Friday, June 23, 2017

Favorite time of the year......2017 style!

The summer solstice is a favorite time of the year.  And this year we've embraced and gotten the most out of each minute of the longest days of the year!  Documenting for the virtual journal and Leithauser achieves of our lives Newark-Granville Road!

-Sunrise on June 21st at Moundbuilders!  5:30 arrival and a beautiful treat to see the sun's rays make their way down number 9. Ancient history embraced!

-Last swim meet for 2017 in the books and it was a long one.  Wrapped up with dear friends and pizza.

-Lilly Store in Columbus opened- woo hoo.  Didn't have time, should of been in many other places but this fun impromptu time in Columbus before the girls go away for three weeks was something I'll never forget!

Those are the highlights I wanted to get down...lots going on including a long over due get-away. A vacation day and the opportunity to gather the family.

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