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Sunday, June 4, 2017

The weekend is a wrap, three highlights with highlights for the blog:

-Denison Reunion Weekend- such good people, doing really good, important people.  THANK YOU to all those alumni who returned to Granville and our fair college on the hill. The re-connections, the deeping of friendships and the new friendships created across generations- what an honor to be part of the team to facilitate.  Huge kuddos to AFE- Alumni Family Engagement- for the thousands of details- that I know go into the weekend.  Thanks for the great financial gifts to Denison- donors make the world go around and our world on the hill is grateful.  A highlight was listening to a 50th reunioner talk about her 20 year career with the CIA. I'll share her reading list when I get it!

-I was able to slip downtown and be inspired and thrilled for The Works!  The ground breaking of the SCIDOME was amazing. A treat to be included- Sally has been raised at the Works and history was made.  I will say I was taken by the words of Dr. Mike Stamatikos- only 18% of the population know a scientist and those of us who do- how much and often do we engage in their work, talk, ask questions?  The Works work is important and so much fun......I encourage you to get or stay involved!

-Ohio Cup Tourney- Girls Lax 5th-6th- Joe coaches and Sally plays.  Another fantastic group of people making good happen. This season of lax has been fun, provided great exercise and friend time and was filled with interesting lessons.  Joe really was looking forward to taking a team back. Clare had amazing experiences with her coach when she played at this age.  Yesterday was one win and one loss- that gave us the opportunity for three games today.  Single elimination could of had the team on the field once.  This fired up team played with passion and won all three games- becoming the first champions of this tourney.   Wonderful way to spend a Sunday- good friends, good competition and all outside- and then the highlight summarizing, reflecting and gleaning lessons of spirit over an early dinner with Joe, Peter and Sally.

Life on Newark-Granville Road had so much more going on this weekend but these are three happy positive inspiring and energizing happenings I wanted to share.


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