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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Change of Car

We send change of address notices, but why don't we send change of car notices?  There are days I feel I spend as much time in my car as I do my house.  I've done just about everything in my car that I've done in a house- even frosted a cake for an employee's birthday in my younger years.  Or maybe it should be more of a birth announcement- we actually do name our cars. Or maybe something of an obituary- Sally did cry when we sold the old car?  Anyway- here are some thoughts to share our news:

-Susan Leithauser can now been seen driving a Toyota Sequoia, gold lettering and Denison sticker in rear window.

-Announcing our new addition- Martha- a 2002 Toyota Sequoia, seating 8 passengers and license plate starting with O.

-We regret to say, Lucille- the black Volvo- is no longer with us. She was a devoted car-the transmission failed on a trip to Easton.  She served the family and LOGOS car pool very well.  She is survived by the blue Volvo wagon, Babsie and the green Saab convertible, Sebastian.

So to answer the question- yes that was me at the parent drop off line in the pjs and robe that didn't match that had to get out of the car to help the kids??  Come track me down in IGA/RGM when you see Martha waiting for me in the lot and of course- wave hello when I pass you on Newark-Granville Rd.

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