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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Savoring Life

The title of my blog is Life on Newark- Granville Road.  Today a life ended- Stefanie Call passed away. She was an amazing inspiration- she was a fighter, a lover, her spirit and love of life was contagious. There is no doubt in my mind that she will live on in so many ways- through her daughter, mother and sister, through so many that met her- maybe even once, or read about her story, her fight!  I feel as if a hero has fallen- damn cancer!  Her fight was not in vain- she hasn't fallen- she's just left our immediate world.

Today a life is celebrated- 9 years of life!!  Today is Clare's birthday.  To me life is figure eights- the symbol of infinity- we all do live on by our actions, our commitments, we come and go closer and further away from one another and things, we loop back and forth- some times repeating, sometimes crossing new ground but it is always motion.  Life is change and movement- and savoring where we are in the pattern is good.  Today is a good day- there is saddnes and joy, laughter and pain but comfort is there for us.

I offer many prayers today- prayers of thanksgiving for so many people and things that provide and lead me to that comfort. Prayers of comfort for those that mourn the loss of a hero.

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