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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good day!

Thank you John Weigand, Village Council members, Clare, Peter, Joe and Sally Leithauser and all the others that emailed, called, made a comment, wrote a letter, attended tonight's meeting, contributed and supported Granville Rotary's build a bridge to Raccoon Valley Park.  A big step forward occurred tonight to help make this a reality. Granville's Village council passed a resolution to financially support the ODOT grant application!  It was a good day on Newark-Granville Road.  (PS-the good day is also in part because of a very beneficial field trip to the Columbus Art Museum- the Chiholy exhibit is amazing-the paintings, basket/blanket collection and influence on pieces I've never seen are truly gorgeous and worth seeing in person- Denison alums/friends take note- special event on April 15th at 5:30- check out events!

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