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Monday, April 26, 2010

Derby Party Details

We're enjoying spring because in Ohio we feel like the 1st Saturday in May kicks off Summer! And of course the 1st Saturday in May on Newark-Granville Road is all about the Kentucky Derby and bringing our friends from various parts of our life together!  You never know what will happen with this party but our hope is you enjoy catching up with us, one another and enjoying some fun traditions we like to share.

Details for 2010: I will update this as things come together and I remember things.....

-WEATHER- no rain, no rain, join us as we visualize a day like last year- clear skies, great friends....reality is rain or shine or snow- we've seen it all- come dressed for the weather!

-PARKING- always a challenge.  The churches on Newark-Granville Road and the golf course are a good option.  Drop off at our drive way and go back to Newark-Granville Road via Heckman's house (red brick)

-PONY-**One pony will be there- 75lb weight limit, there will be a show!  4 to 6 pm.....and as always we'll have stick ponies, bouncy spring ponies.... ***

-Guests/Invites- invites are going in the mail- help us encourage others to come- new folks to town, someone who slipped through the cracks- once invited, always invited- we love to include good people and Derby always hits at a very busy time of year.

-Busier than ever this year with the fun of an election!  Many of you know I'm chairing the Granville Library Levy as I serve on the Granville Library Board. I'm also helping out with the Licking County Levy.  Libraries all over Ohio have been affected by tax cuts on the state level- help your library in some way, some how- they play key roles in all of our communities.

But whatever is on your ballot- learn about it and plan now to VOTE to make a difference.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday May 1st!  And oh yes- party starts at 4, race is a 6 (it goes fast) pony rides 4-6, stay and enjoy until ?? live music at 4.....once invited always invited so if the paper invite missed you forgive us and come on over....

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