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Friday, April 16, 2010

Good things all around Granville....

There really is so much good going on in our area. In Granville alone you can now:
1. Get Jeni's Ice Cream- their slogan uses the word "splendid" and they're right! River Road Coffee is the go-to place! Try the Thai Spice or Salty mouth is watering just thinking about it.

2. The wine shop (and chef's table) at the Granville Inn! You must experience the fun of entering the red door (off courtyard- park in usual parking lot and walk beyond the front entrance) and seeing what they've created- it is lovely.  And it is filled with all sorts of goodies- I found the perfect beverage for tonight's dinner!

3. The Junto Club is Open! Lunch was delicious today.  Of course sitting outside and having lunch with a friend is always special but a unique and tasty sandwhich (accompnied by FANTASTIC warm olives) served on my favorite Lucky Cat bread is an extra treat. (This is the old Wine Cashe at River Road- under the Short Story.)

And downtown Newark, The Works is a drop off point for care packages going to the troops!  If you want more information on how to participate send me an email and send you the list of things that can be included!

Of course there are many other wonderful things happening- I just wanted to share a few that we'll be enjoying on Newark-Granville Road!

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