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Thursday, September 29, 2016

This Week in my life.....actually it is real life on...

I seem to be blogging weekly now.  The key board calls to me if I let it go much beyond that.   Weekend wrap-ups, reflections are one way to share what is happening in our quaint village.  The truth is we're jammed packed and in a whole new place with two teenagers and a middle schooler. Although things are very similar as we're still coordinating rides and relying on the kindness of others to drive and pick up our kids.

As I type my girls sit on the steps.  I've reverted to the old punishment. Time outs seem to be needed even for this age child.  The tone and words are not good. Sure we're stressed getting three out the doors close together, applying their own processes/timing.  Clare is first up but included return rest time before moving on her process.  Sally gives herself lots of times and adds commentary and Peter is the JIT guy.  Add parents with schedules that rotate and fluctuate and volley due to travel and it is nutty.  A quiet nutty that in my life on Newark-Granville Road still requires kind, positive interactions.  I'm typing this for myself too by the way- sometimes I need to sit on the steps.

Okay- that was not what I was going to share today- I was going to reflect a bit on BRW, India prep, a difference a year makes in a job, 16th birthday and Homecoming updates...stay tuned for those, hopeful in the moment, sharing the whirlwind not just reporting after it has occurred in our lives on NG Road!  Today's title should of from NGR!

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