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Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Blessings

Today felt like a Sunday, a beautiful day of rest, relaxation and gratitude.  A day to say thank you for all we have in our world. It is Memorial Day and a day to reflect and say thank you for those that have served to protect us.

It was a weekend for me personally to say thank you to my own progress. I was able to swing a golf club and know I'll be back on the golf course.  I returned to the water and swimming felt good.  Were these activities back to normal? No, but I was able to do them.  The lack of exercise is evident in my swimsuit body but I felt the joy always have when engaging and count my blessings.

Memorial Day weekend was extra special this year as we benefited from the hospitality of graduation parties.  The closer we get to the age of graduates in our life on NG Road, the more parties we receive an invitation.  It was almost daunting and we regret unable to attend them all.  What a treat to see the individual way groups and families choose to celebrate and share this special time in their families' lives.  We look forward to our day when our Derby party morphs to honor our HS graduates!

We kept the tradition of visiting family at Apple Valley and swimming the lake.  The kids filled the less than 24 hour escape with samores, fishing, ping-pong, tubing and that cold water swim.  The Indy 500 festivities were another happy occurrence and Life on Newark-Granville Road values this family time and tradition.  It wasn't easy to leave the bed for the swim, but Clare's declaration of the need for a work-out and not wanting to run was the inspiration I needed to rally the troops.  Ann was our beacon on the paddle board and our 1/2 way hosts never disappoint. Joe's breakfast preparation was Eggs Benedict this year- delish!

Yes today and all weekend long we embraced the summer launch holiday, and celebrated an important milestones and counted our blessings veterans bestow to us on Newark-Granville Road.  Thanks to friends and family that included us in the happy times.  We all need these happy times to carry the not so great times.  Memorial day reminds us there is a price for what we have. It is good to be grateful and together.

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