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Monday, July 3, 2017


I posted on Facebook that Sally was my favorite child one day last week, because she sent me the first letter from camp.  A week had gone by and it was the only camp letter.  Those keeping track at home- know that there has been a second letter received from Sally and updates from friends and family that she has corresponded with them as well.  Note Nana isn't too pleased to have only received the fill in the blank form notes that I thought were cute.  Bonus points were given to Sally for making it into the photo gallery on the camp website with big smiles.  I know Clare is doing well as I've seen her in pictures and even a video showcasing the "Ghany Give" effort.  Of course that is close to my heart.

Today's favorite child is Peter.

I have not received mail from him...yet...I know it is coming though- yay Nana.  He hasn't called me proactively, but I have spoken with him on the phone a number of times. He is at my parents for three weeks and that is why he is my favorite.   My parents are amazing for taking on a 15 year old but they love the company and assistance.  I loved the call received late on evening..."Hey Mom- guess what we had for dinner, Nana says you are going to be jealous"  I guessed soft shell crabs, I was close- "Hard shell crabs, and they were so good, I picked 6!"  I was a bit green but more grateful to have Peter experiencing one of my favorite things with my favorite people.  He went to Antietam Battlefield for the Maryland Symphony Orchestra's 4th of July concert. Classical music, rain, heat, schlepping, picnic blanket, no chairs- he said it was fun!  God love that boy!  Peter defended Clare's lack of letters- "she is busy hopping mom".....he is a good little brother.

Each of our children are special and delight me, frustrate me, challenge me and make me proud. Life on Newark-Granville Road is completed because of these three darlings. I miss them at this time of year. I embrace and love the change of pace, the quiet, the clean, the Joe/Susan time.  Most of all I love what this time gives them- new friends, renewed friends, appreciation and memories of special places that we now share.

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