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Friday, July 14, 2017

Real Life while kids are gone....

This really has been something new in my life on Newark-Granville Road.  To be in this house without kids for a whole week.  Last year when all three were at camp it was wonky with travel and delays.  And when the girls went to camp and Peter stayed here it was different.  All good, and to be honest when all three are here it is GREAT- I miss them.  But I'll take this time and of course I'll share the why on the blog!

Why is it nice to have the break.  Believe it or not the house is clean, really clean. Even the dog went to camp for a few days. The cleaning team was in disbelief how tidy everything was and thanked me- so easier to do our job- they said with great enthusiasm.  Hmmmmm- cleaning for the cleaning people, we will return to that this year.

I've had a chance to focus on work and the timing was great.  In my work with have cycles and the cycle right now is gear-up, get ready, reach out.  I get to take my vacation having things organized, launched and in progress. This is happening because of amazing partnerships and fabulous colleagues and planning. It feels good.  I care a lot about my work and value the time to give it attention.  I also value the flexibility my role has to juggle being a working Mom of three.

Joe and Susan time and time for Susan has been great. As you read in our camping adventure we found our "us" time. Finding that balance can be hard during the year with work, kids and community commitments.  This week we've been a bit more individual time - very important too!  Joe had a work trip to Boston.  I made exercise a priority for me and even went shopping, for a bathing suit.  Being alone in my house- ahhhhhh- reset time.

We didn't get to do all the things we wanted or dreamt about- dinners in Columbus, meeting at the pub for a day end drink.  We did get two mini projects done- art is hanging and the Derby decor is away...restated- the Triple Crown Horse decor is away (that ended in June by the way.) We also missed our kids- really missed them.  Joe said this after a great catch-up call with him talking sports.  The girls letters make me want to know more, hear their voices. YES we missed them AND we can't wait to hear all about their time being off of Newark-Granville Road while our lives continued here.

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