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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Let Her Eat Cake! Happy Birthday 2017!

It has been another wonderful birthday and celebrating of my birthday!

First the day-today was a very good day!  It started waking up in our Tipi in Hocking Hills- details to be shared on the blog soon, I promise.  We packed up and headed for breakfast taking the scenic route through Somerset.  We enjoyed our diner stop, soaking in the no phone get away and slow re-entry back to civilization.    After organizing and unpacking I gave myself the gift of exercise and rejoined Maximum Fitness.  I was happy to return to a favorite machine, easy access and weight training.  It is what I need.  My afternoon date was a pool and when option a didn't work at MCC I found option B- Trout Club.  I was so pleased to submerge my body in cool water (2 days remote camping will cause one to crave the water) and lounge with my book.  Bonus was friend sighting and quick catch-up.  Since I was so close to Utica I made the trek to Branstol and bought myself peaches.  Summer treat early and yes, a Velvet ice cream cone to say hello to my duck pals.  Home to read my mail....bonus- letter from Clare and card from Peter....and shower.  Another delight.....although the rain shower bonus was fun after canoeing yesterday.  Joe and I then made our way to dinner at the Inn, walking as we could with time on our hands, still in vacation/holiday mode.  We had a fantastic dinner in the Oak Room- our first- gourmet treat- impressed and delighted.  A lovely day for a birthday on Newark-Granville Road and one I will treasure.

The celebrating has included friend time, family time and some incredible meals that include dessert and candles on and off NG Road.  I love to make birthday wishes and count my blessings for all the wonderful message, cards, texts, honks, waves and Facebook posts.  Life on Newark-Granville is all the richer with good people who share these special milestones and I'm grateful.  A few pictures below help share the story and celebration.



*****And the fun continues- lucky me- birthday with colleagues at work, dear family that are friends, and drinks to toast the new years and time together!  I continue to be touched by the gifts, Facebook posts and deliveries that make their way. Life on Newark-Granville Road loves the chance to blow out the candle and make a wish...or more!


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